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3 Way Fuck - Group, 09/04/2009

As soon as we finished Evan�s solo, we contacted Preston to see if he was up for breaking in another new guy for the site. We knew right away that Evan was going to be adventurous. When we asked him how he felt about doing a video with another guy he said he was up for trying just about anything. To make Evan more comfortable, we decided to team him up with Preston. We were all looking forward to Evan pounding Preston�s hot little ass when we got a call from Buck. It seems that Buck had heard we were planning a shoot without him and it didn�t go over well. Buck doesn�t like to be left out.

You can only imagine how surprised Evan was when he showed up at the Lake House to find out that he was going to be having sex with - not one - but now two guys! We left the three of them alone for a while so they could get to know each other a little bit. It didn�t take long before they were slapping each other on the ass in preparation for what was about to happen.

As soon as the guys took off their shirts for the photo shoot, Evan took a good look at Preston and Buck and said, �Man, do I feel fat.� This was Buck�s first three-way (with guys or girls) and he was extremely excited. It took everything he had to pay attention during the photo shoot so that we could get down to business. Buck just couldn�t stop staring at Evan�s crotch, wondering what he was packing.

Given that this was Evan�s first time with another guy (let alone two guys), we let everyone know that Evan was only going to fuck. This was perfectly fine with Preston and Buck. They were both anxious to feel Evan�s hard cock deep inside their holes. There really wasn�t much in the way of foreplay at all. Before we knew it, the guys were all naked and fucking each other.

All three of these hot southern boys really had a great time. They fucked from one side of the bed to the other. When they couldn't take anymore, Buck got on his back in the middle of the bed and asked Evan and Preston to cum on his chest. "Just don't get it in my mouth or my hair," he said.

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