MSR - At Large

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DescriptionCast:  Steve Cassidy, Matt Bradshaw, Jon Galt, Brady Martin, Scott Davis, Damian Ford, Steve O'Donnell, Marc West, Patrick Allen, Dave Nelson, Mark Slade

Director:  Tony Alizzi

Year: 2001

Set in the fictional Jiswell Correctional Facility (the set is a stunner by the way), this play on HBO’s wildly successful series "Oz" takes that show to it’s logical conclusion: rather than just allude to the hardcore stuff, here it is in all it’s glory. The cast has even grown their hair out and let some stubble grow in, giving them all a very inmate "trade" quality.

Flick opens with a bang: Prettyboy Steve O’Donnell is getting orally pummeled by correctional officer Matt Bradshaw. Lots of deep throat action as Steve takes Matt’s chunky nightstick down the gullet, protesting all the way. The scene goes on a tad long, but the dialogue that Steve spouts when forced to eat Matt’s ass is precious: "Officer, d’you realize that your hole tastes like cum?" and "Sir: do you ever fucking shower?"

Eventually Matt unleashes a thick one on Steve’s ass, who proceeds to dump his own junk on the table he’s been bent over. No music is used here, making it even hotter, and the flick is off and running.

Next we see cutie-pie Patrick Allen passing by a cell. Suddenly he’s grabbed by Brady Martin, who first pumps Patrick for information about an impending breakout, and then pumps Patrick's mouth for all it’s worth. Patrick is definitely one of the industry’s ace cocksuckers right now; pity he got stuck sucking on the buff Brady’s rather soggy sword. (It gets chubby, just not hard.)

Not to worry though, cuz former Falcon model Scott Davis (looking hot as shit with scraggly hair, and his huge uncut prodder intact) pokes his piece through the cell bars, letting Patrick go to town. Lots of gagging and deep-throating, as we get a double oral courtesy of Brady and Scott. Scott tosses Brady out of the way ("Sorry Brady, this bitch is mine"). Scott unleashes a massive load all over Patrick’s face and hair; Brady never pops; Patrick serves up a nice load by his own hand.

Cut to a quick and fucking hilarious shot of two trannies being dragged into this Cellblock "Q": Rachel (a "Hollywood Hopeful" according to the credits) is seen smoking crack out of a Coke can (we've all done it, honey!), and Lasagna Buttafucco leers at the camera and screams out "you men are pigs!" Funny stuff, and the guys whooping it up from behind their cell bars lends an authentic feel; it's worth the price of admission.

Next up is a scene between Damian Ford and Jon Galt. Now, I was never really a fan of either guy; that¬ís since changed. Played as a ¬ďlove scene¬Ē between the two buff and unshaven inmates, it¬ís still tough and hot enough to get you going. Lots of deep manly kissing, spitting on cocks, gut and pec punching, groping, and flip-flop fucking (watch as Damian picks up Jon, remains inside his ass, and tosses him on the bunk ¬Ė never pulling out) made this the flick¬ís best scene... so far. The next scene made the show.

We see beefy Mark Slade sweeping up the "rec room" area as the remaining cast (inmates) are being brought together for that day’s work program. C.O. Steve Cassidy (who steals the flick) is being one nasty-ass motherfucker, taunting the guys and being an out-an-out asshole. In one quick movement, Cassidy is over-powered by the inmates (in slo-mo: kinda cool, kinda annoying) and shackled, gagged with duct tape, and stripped nekkid by the pissed off crew, who anchor him down to a lunch table. The scene turns remarkably violent and rough; if that ain’t your thing you may want to call it a night. No denying its hottness though.

Getting his aggressions out, O’Donnell probes the screaming Cassidy’s asshole with a nightstick, and then mounts him from behind as daddyesque Marc West plows Cassidy’s mouth (the tape’s been yanked off). Cassidy is screaming and gagging for days as a full-on rape and gang bang unfolds. Lots of struggling (no faking here) and yelling; Dave Nelson (not the prettiest thing, but what a toilet mouth!) is the ringleader of sorts, as each guys pummels Cassidy’s mouth and ass. Everyone even spits in his face. It all culminates in one of the nastiest and fully-loaded cum dumpings on a face of the year; after a quick circle jerk every guy blows his wad across the still-restrained Cassidy’s mug (O’Donnell thoughtfully swabs the cum away from Cassidy’s mouth and eyes). He looks like a Krispy Kreme doughnut by scene’s end. The guys break free, leaving the glistening and dazed Cassidy cuffed, spent, and humiliated beyond belief.

A hot time will be had by y’all. There’s some hilarious one-liner’s tossed off, the set looks amazing (keep an eye out for the pinball machine in the room during the rape; I kept thinking "This is hotter than Jodie’s scene in The Accused"), and the mega-facial that Cassidy is forcibly subjected to is replay worthy and is sure to get your crotch in an uproar. If only HBO were so bold.

Oh... If only Adebisi and Alvarez were here with me now... sigh...
-Keeneye Reeves
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