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1. The Hook-up
In an age where getting what you want is sometimes as easy as pushing a button, scoring sex has never been easier. While looking for a late night snack, Omer orders up a hot serving of tasty treat, Erik Grant. Grant likes what he sees when his online vision of this Israeli hunk comes into focus. Erik sports instant wood and Omer gladly opens up and invites him in.

2. Dorm Room Education
Unable to sleep, Blu Kennedy stares at the ceiling of his dorm room. Is he worried about midterms, or is he anticipating the return his hot Latin roommate Danny Bitho? College students learn many lessons behind closed doors, but that is an understatement here. Danny returns in the still-dark early morning hours and starts to beat his meat as Blu watches. When Danny realizes Blu is awake, he turns on the light and confronts him. Danny can sense what Blu really wants and lures him into a learning experience he will never forget.

3. On the Job
Kent Larson and Parker Williams have been hired to cover up the graffiti marred walls of their job site. "Suck My Dick" looms larger than life above their heads. Is this a precursor of things to come? Kent takes a break to relieve himself in the bathroom, while Parker looks at a trashy girly magazine and decides to relieve his dick from his pants. Larson comes out of the john to see Parker working on a new job. Kent eagerly lends his helping hand, mouth, and more. Watching these two rugged men fuck among the paint and drop cloths makes you wonder if it's time to have your apartment repainted. If these two men are contracted to do the job then the answer is YES!

4. Therapy Session
Bruce Beckham is a successful psychotherapist, lusting after his rugged, testosterone filled patient, Wilson Vasquez. As Wilson delves into his deep, troubling family issues, Bruce delves in the details of Wilson's body. The lines of fact and fantasy blur as we explore deep into the therapist's mind and see his dark fantasies revealed. The Dr./Patient relationship is redefined in this sexually explosive scene, which will have the father of psychotherapy, Sigmund Freud turning over in his grave. Conceived and directed by RuPaul for Lucas Entertainment.

1. Sex Party for 2 
Two heartbroken friends, Jack MacCarthy and Tony Ryder, think a sex party will cheer them up. Once the guys discover that the only thing they really want is each other, sexual healing comes quickly. Jack's sweet eyes and Tony's smooth lips make for hot kissing and hotter licking. Tony rides Jack's tight hole till they both cum hard. This is one party Jack and Tony will never forget. Reviewer Vincent Lambert guest-directs this scene - it's his first time ever directing after reviewing so many films.

2. Happy Ending 
Massage therapist, Corey Cade, gets lucky when hard-bodied Riccardo Correa shows up for his first rubdown. Riccardo lets Corey know that he wants to release a lot more than tension. Corey's a professional, but even he can't resist Riccardo's juicy ass and cock. He fucks Corey right on the massage table, proving Happy Endings are more than a fairy tale.

3. On the DL 
Bright eyed cutie Adam Young needs a place to stay in the big apple. Wilson Vasquez comes to the rescue and invites him to his apartment. Adam gives into his naughty desires and watches Wilson's bisexual porn collection while he sleeps, but it's not long before Adam gets caught. Nervous Adam is quickly relieved when Wilson aggressively puts his cock in Adam's hand. Soon enough the guys make each other's smutty fantasies come true.

4. At Your Service 
Down cold marble walls and ornate frescoed hallways sits Michael Lucas, a mysterious business man on the Upper West Side. It's easy to tell that Lucas demands the best when Milan walks in to be his whore. Michael instructs the handsome and obedient Milan to serve his every need. Both men fuck and suck until they are left breathless and naked, lying in cum and sweat stained sheets. Also, only on Director's Cut edition: Michael fists Milan's hungry ass while Milan's cock stays hard, enjoying every second of it.

1. Photo Op 
Photographer Kent Larson can't take his eyes off sculpted model Wilson Vasquez during a fashion photo shoot. When Kent sprays Wilson's swimsuit with water to get it wet, he can't resist the urge to suck the giant, rock-hard, uncut cock bulging underneath. Wilson happily obliges and goes on to fuck Kent's hungry ass like there's no tomorrow.

2. Job Security 
Ad executive Ray Star is a nightmare of a boss who fires graphic designer Danny B. just for using the wrong color. Danny punches Ray for being such a dick, but then he realizes how much he'd rather suck Ray's huge dick instead. The two suck each other off and Ray pounds Danny's hole until the juices fly.

3. 2nd Semester
Chad Leigh yearns for some relief after a long night of studying in his dorm room. He starts jacking off to dirty magazines when his roommate, hot Latin exchange student Henrique Santana, walks in on him. Henrique assures Chad that he doesn't mind, and whips out his own uncut member as proof. They go on to suck and fuck the night away.

4. Buddy Booth 
In the most talked-about scene of the year, horny young stud Sal visits a porn shop buddy booth for a quick fix but ends up with a gagging mouthful of the two biggest dicks in the industry—Ben Andrews' and Chad Hunt's. After deep-throating both monster cocks through glory holes, the threesome squeeze into the booth for a lengthy suck-and-fuck fest that has Sal's tight hole squealing to a cum-gushing conclusion. Whose dick is bigger? You decide.

1. Stock Options 
(Concept by Tony Dimarco)
Another hectic day on Wall Street means nothing but stress for CEO Spencer Quest. Things escalate when he butts heads with merging partner CFO Jack Bond at an intense meeting that leaves everyone at the table speechless. That evening, as their workday runs late while ironing out the deal, Quest and Bond have a one-on-one meeting and take their anger out on each other by sucking each other off and flip-flop fucking on the table. Talk about relieving stress!

2. Wide Receiver (Lucas) 
(Written by Chad Hunt)
A friendly game of touch football in Central Park ends with Chad Hunt taking straight boy Brad Star home (his girlfriend's too busy for him). The two pop open some brewskis while Hunt turns on some "pussy channels" on the tube to try to get Star in the mood. It works, and soon Hunt is chowing down on Star's smooth dick and ass. After loosening him up a little with a beer bottle, Hunt ends up plunging his monster dick into Star's tight bunghole.

3. Bar Back (Lucas) 
(Concept by Tony Dimarco)
It's the end of a busy night, and bartender Vin Nolan and bar back Pete Ross are the only ones left to clean things up. Ross can't resist brushing up against Nolan behind the bar, but Nolan is reluctant to his advances and doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize his job. So the two take things to the bathroom, where they suck cock and Nolan eats Ross' ass before pounding it from behind. They then head to the toilet, where Ross rides Nolan's dick while Nolan sits.

4. El Marican 
(Written by Richard Munguia)
It's a scorching hot day, and web designer Ryann Wood is on a tight deadline when suddenly all the power in his apartment goes out. Enter burly electricians Wilson Vasquez and Manuel Torres, who realize they've come a long way just to fix a blown fuse. Conversing with each other in Spanish, the two decide to get a little more out of the situation… and the threesome suck and fuck on an exercise ball to a cum-tastic conclusion (with a surprise ending!).

1. It Happened One Night 
After a fun-filled night of clubbing, hottie John Lamb convinces Lucas exclusive Wilson Vasquez that he’s too drunk to make it home alone. Wilson takes the couch and drunk-dials his girlfriend, and their dirty talk gets Wilson hot and bothered. But he hears John coming and pretends to be asleep. John, seeing the passed-out muscle hunk on his couch, can’t resist sucking on his hard monster cock. Wilson, happy his plan worked to get his joint sucked, pretends to wake up and goes straight to pounding John’s tight hole deep into the night.

2. Dad's Porno 
Cute skater boy Nicholas Lockwood takes bad-boy Jimmy home from school. After they raid the alcohol cabinet and watch some of his dad’s straight porn, Nicholas asks Jimmy if he wants a blowjob. Jimmy says yes, and the two decide to act out what they see on screen with each other. Nicholas goes down on Jimmy’s huge member, which Jimmy then uses to fuck Nicholas’ smooth hole until the two explode all over Nicholas’ chest. A definite after-school special!

3. Post-Gym Workout 
After a sweaty workout at the gym, jock Brian Bodine invites baseball-capped Vin Nolan home and the two decide to work out a different set of muscles. Vin has a good old time slipping his hard cock in and out of Brian’s bouncy bubble butt over the couch, on the couch, and then down to the floor. (If this is Brian’s first ever on-screen bottoming scene, he sure takes it like a trooper!)

4. Room Service (Lucas) 
Horny businessman Jason Ridge checks in to his hotel… and checks out the bellboy (Lucas exclusive Jonathan Vargas) who shows him his room and asks if anything else is needed. Jason asks for a massage, which Jonathan is reluctant about—he could get fired! But he gives in, and the sensual touching turns into a full workout of cock sucking, ass eating, and flip-flop fucking until the two explode over each other in cum-filled bliss. Room service has never been so top-notch! (As Jonathan’s first ever on-screen bottoming session, seeing his beautiful ass get pounded is a sight to behold.)

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