♺ Wurstfilm - Young Pigs

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Original upload: 2014-09-26 |
Studio: Wurstfilm 
Runtime: 01h:41m
Resolution: 720 X 512
Country: Germany
Director: Uwe Stoll, Horst Braun

Travels are so much fun. Fucking till it explodes. Eight guys from Berlin go to a quiet island in the cold winter times where they have to work their dicks to get good heat. From the start, two guys are being forced to have wild sex with macho leather-man. Soon after their arrival their host punishes one of the innocent guys for stealing some poppers. Meanwhile the others use all the rooms of their holiday home to suck and fuck all night. There are no limits: even your best friend's boyfriend can be the target of your desires. At the end the guys meet leather guy who has to endure his real punishment by five angry boys.
2021-11-16 19:19:31
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