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Malejunction - Domination

Naked, except for a padlocked chain around his neck, a silver-haired daddy stands submissively in front of a taller, slightly younger man who wears black leather shorts, a harness and a rubber mask. Mischief is definitely going to happen. Our master gently jerks the daddy-sub�s waiting knob before bending him forwards over a massage table. He pushes the sub�s crack apart to show off his arsehole and then gropes every part of his body. Our master knows what he wants and takes a cat-o�-nine-tails and begins to gently whip the sub�s arse who winces at each stroke as his buttocks begin to glow. It is obvious that both men are enjoying this and the master�s cock is now bulging inside his shorts; this becomes too much for him so he lobs it out - massive and glistening - for the silver-haired daddy to suck. The master wants more than just a sucking and gets the older man to lie on the table and restrains his wrists before oiling his beautiful, mature arse. Getting his gloved hands into that waiting crack he pushes his fingers into the man-cunt before some more not very gentle flogging. Next we see our sub kneeling in front of a now naked master. He has a terrific body and we see his dick and his balls in all their masculine glory. However a wank isn�t what he needs right now - his bladder is full and he begins to pee a steady stream of hot piss all over the silver-daddy�s chest letting is run down his humiliated body and drip off the tip of his cock. As if that isn�t enough our pisser fills a glass with yet more hot piss some of which he drinks then pours the rest over his own dick and allows it to run onto the eagerly waiting older guy. All this obviously gets the dominant guy juiced up and, as you can imagine, he doesn�t need much encouragement to shoot great gobs of spunk from his now throbbing cock at the poor sub - who obviously loves the humiliation and the feel and sight of the creamy spunk dripping from his nipples..
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