♺ BWN - Erotic Wrestling 8 - Prince Naughty VS Xtasy

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Original upload: 2014-07-13 |
Prince Naughty, in no mood to be insulted after his loss in Heavyweights #1, finds himself disrespected by Xtasy while trying to take a shower in preparation for a striptease audition.

On the set of what was to be the party for which they were hired, Naughty decides to test Xtasy.

Xtasy has quite the smart mouth on him and doesn't back off verbally but he's no match for the Prince.

Massively outgunned, Xtasy gets belly to belly suplexed, slammed, squeezed, and stretched!

After having his way with him from one end of the room to the other...the Prince gets Naughty.

Turned on by Xtasy's combination of physical helplessness and verbal swagger, Prince Naughty decides that after the test...will be the taste!

Cake on chocolate...yum!
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