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Original upload: 2011-05-31 |
YEAR: 1980
DIRECTOR: Tom DeSimone
Studio: Laguna Pacific
GENRE: vintage General Hardcore
RUNTIME: 90 min
Bill Stanford traveling salesman
Bob Marsh window washer
Derek Stanton Derek
Eric Clement vagrant, workman
Greg Dale hiker
J.W. King carpenter, Jack
R.J. Reynolds (white) Randy, Bill
Rod Canyon hiker
Ron Zale Ron
Shaun Victors farm boy

KEYWORDS:  Pre-Condom Classic
VIDEO STREAM: xvid mpeg-4 512x384 29.970fps 1100kbps
AUDIO STREAM: mpeg layer 3 48000Hz stereo 196kbps
SIZE: 847 MB

1. Break-In, Cruisin' 106
Eric Clement OgrAbRr, J.W. King OrgAt, R.J. Reynolds (white) OgrAtRg
Eric Clements breaks into a cabin and the two owners, J.W. King and R.J. Reynolds, find him and make him service them.
A young lad, lonely and lost, seeks shelter in a mountain cabin and is discovered by the two 'outdoorsman' owners. The husky men decide that the boy must pay for his boldness, so-individually and collectively - he is made to pay, and pay, and pay!
(Film credits "Billy Babot, Tony Franz and Dino Udam")
2. The Traveling Salesman (Cruisin), Cruisin' 105
Shaun Victors OrAt, Bill Stanford OgAb
A balding crewcut mustached traveling salesman finds himself a young skinny bushy haired strawberry-blond farm boy to suck and get fucked by.
(And the farmer's son.) An old story, but the salesman has a new bag of tricks to lure a country boy behind the barn. The youth learns about 'city ways' as the drummer shows his 'wares'. How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm -etc.
A short version of this exists labeled I05 in the leader and crediting Lex Kelly and Sal Vinik.
3. On the Job (LagunaPacific), Cruisin' 103
J.W. King OgrAtRg, Eric Clement OrgAbRr
J.W. King and blond, Eric Clement, in a woodworking shop.
A hammer, a saw, a drill-not the only equipment needed to plug openings or renovate habitable places. This carpenter's basket contains the exact tool required when Mr. Employer decides to add himself to the materials list. Together, they create and then demolish the erections.
4. On the Trail, Cruisin' 104
Greg Dale OgrAt, Rod Canyon OrgAb
Greg Dale and Rod Canyon meet up on a hike.
Sex rears its manly head in this 'Garden of Eden'. Two husky hikers commune with nature - and each other - as they explore the male phenomena. Excitement mounts and the boys find fulfillment with bodies bursting in energy as they give forth their young, virile seed.
5. A Little Romance, Cruisin' 102
J.W. King OgAtRg, Ron Zale OrAbRr
J.W. King and Ron Zale on a bear skin rug.
Promo: There is nothing like the peace & quiet of your own pad with its flaming fireplace and its red hot Adonis to lovingly defile the peace and wantonly violate the quiet! Our lothario and his lover ignite and then quench the flames of their desire.
6. Window Washer, Cruisin' 101
Derek Stanton OgrAbRr, R.J. Reynolds (white) OrgAt, Bob Marsh Org
Window washer Bob Marsh sees Derek Stanton and R.J. Reynolds doing it on a couch and joins the fun.
What a rewarding endeavor! Especially when one can observe two male occupants during their intimate encounter. They don't do windows, but they do everything else-including the 'doing' of our young & hung toiler. Their steaming climaxes prove that a man's work is never done!

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