♺ Rycanthropy - Gai Mizuki & Seizou Yebisubashi

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These are the collections of works (manga) of two Japanese authors. 
An author is Seizou Yebisubashi, while the other one is Gai Mizuki (a.k.a. Rycanthropy) 
I hope that you like there works.

Comics Include:
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiArtery
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiDo You Like Watermelon Eng
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiLoveholic GuysLG0 - Extra
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiLoveholic GuysLG1 - Kosouku Drawing Love
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiLoveholic GuysLG2 - Double Bind
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiLoveholic GuysLG3 - Sugar Cube
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiLoveholic GuysLG4 – Monster
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiLoveholic GuysLG5 - My King
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiLoveholic GuysLG6 - Suika Suki Ka (Do You Like Watermelon)
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiLoveholic GuysLG7 - Beyond the Sea
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiShill
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiGalleryG-CASE.jpg
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiGalleryIt gets drunk.jpg
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiGalleryloops.jpg
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiGallerymagic blade  -character-.jpg
Rycanthropy - Gai MizukiGallerySunbathing.jpg

Seizou YebisubashiFish Dealer Kensuke
Seizou YebisubashiG-men 88
Seizou YebisubashiKawaya
Seizou YebisubashiMy Hometown Hospitarity
Seizou YebisubashiOvertime work report
Seizou YebisubashiRelaxation Travel
Seizou YebisubashiSchool-Boy's law
Seizou YebisubashiTransfer to Pantless Inc
Seizou YebisubashiTreatment favor
Seizou YebisubashiWorkers' holiday
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