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Badmasterboys 13300-20 A walk in the woods

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DescriptionMaster Haze is really pissed off. His slave David has been found wanting in his role s a pony for his master to ride on. That  means the stupid piece of has to undergo some pretty nasty torments and humiliations. The Master tortures  dumbass David  with painful kicks and slaps to the face, spits some thick snot into his mouth, farts into his mouth  and uses his face for minute after minute as a cushion to sit on.  Later on David is allowed to lick the dirt from his masterÂ’s trainers, give his sweaty socks a good chewing and eat all the cheese which has gathered between his masterÂ’s toes.
When David again collapses as his boss is riding him , Master Haze runs out of patience.  ‘Stand upÂ’ he yells at his little horse, giving his human quadruped  a good kicking at the same time.  But itÂ’s all to no avail.  David is exhausted.

The slave has to lie on his back, making him look like a helpless beetle on the forest floor.  David plants a  foot on his quarryÂ’s chest,  hawks up some nasty snot  and spits it into DavidÂ’s mouth.  He does this again and again. ItÂ’s amazing how much snot the Master can conjure up.  The loser just has to keep swallowing......

.....and suffering. Because it is at this point that the Master begins to slap David and to trample him. Thsi is all interspersed with thick snot spat into the mouth. ‘ Are you hungry?Â’ asks Master Haze, looking s if butter wouldnÂ’t melt in his mouth. He doesnÂ’t wait for an answer but picks a mushroom from the forest floor, lays it on DavidÂ’s face and crushes it with his white Nikes.  The hard soles of hsi Nikes are just the thing to give  the loser a painful head massage

David has no clue what is in store for him.  He has never before experienced Master Haze being so ruthless and brutal. And it gets even better. The MasterÂ’s jeans are already fairly low hanging.  Now h e pulls  them down a notch . That means that we can now see his red boxer shorts in all their glory. Without warning, Master David sits on his victimÂ’s face. DavidÂ’s nose is jammed between the cheeks of his masterÂ’s arse. ‘Take a deep breathÂ’ is what Master Haze demands of his ‘cushionÂ’.  With a nasty grin on his face, he lights up.  He enjoys feeling his slaveÂ’s nose in his arsehole. The slave is struggling for air.  But there is no way that he can pull his head away. . Like it or not he has to serve as his masterÂ’s cushion and take his masterÂ’s weight and especially his distinctive stink. .

Later the Master sits down on a tree stump. The slave lies on his back at his feet. Just the position to get on with licking his trainers clean. It is also perfect for spitting into the loserÂ’s mouth.  And whoever knows Master Haze know that there is no end to the amount of spit he can produce. He takes delight in getting his victim used to thick, ,slimy snot

Because David hasnÂ’t been taking enough trouble in licking his masterÂ’s trainers he earns himself some painful slaps to the face. The Master is wearing SM gloves and so you can really hear the slaps ring out.

The Master  sees a hide in the distance.  He pulls his slave as if he were a pet behind him on a lead and decides to climb up and sit in the hide. First of all though he farts again in his slaveÂ’s mouth.

The hide is much more suited to foot service than the stump from before. Master up top – slave below.  Just as it should be.  After a beating with his masterÂ’s trainers, the slave has HazeÂ’s sweaty socks stuffed into  his mouth.  ‘Suck the sweat out of them and give them a good chewingÂ’ demands the Master. As David does as he is told and gives the socks a good chewing, the Master forces his bare feet into DavidÂ’s  face. DavidÂ’s nose is jammed between two of his MasterÂ’s toes.  It smells like old cheese – and there is  a lot more where that came from.  The slaveÂ’s job is to deal with it all. For his pains he gets snot spat into his mouth and a fart  as well


Your correspondent thinks this is the best clip that Master Haze has ever done.  You can hardly credit how much this young goodlooking Master enjoys tormenting and humiliating his slave.  Enjoy the hottest facesitting action that BMB has ever seen.  Enjoy ti all!
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