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ChaosMen - Noel Anton Solo, Serviced and Complete Photoset

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DescriptionChaosMen - Noel Anton Solo, Serviced and Complete Photoset.

1. ChaosMen - Noel Anton Solo: Images 1-5
Stats: 22, 5'6", 150, 7.5" Uncut
Release date: April 20, 2015
Video Number: 1577

Noel is super sexy and has a great energy about him. A true performer, you REALLY have to watch him. The way he moves his body, looks at you with a range of expressions. Sly, mischievous, flirty, sexy, and playful! I just love this solo! He has a great uncut cock that pushes nearly 8 inches. He strokes it pretty fast, but he also shows it off, letting us see how big it is. His feet move around on the carpet, and it looks like he is a puppet being pulled around by his string. Dance for us Noel! It is adorable! There are so many endearing things about this dude.

But the real memorable part of this video is the cum shots! Yes, cum shots with an s! He apparently can fire a couple off very near to each other. I had no idea he was capable of doing this, so just after he nutted, I was panning over the aftermath, and he informs he is going to cum again. I love how he whispers it, and then with a lot of flexing, a second, albeit smaller, load is released! Wonder if he could do that while getting head?

2. ChaosMen - Noah Riley and Noel Anton Serviced: Images 6-10
Noah Riley Stats: 22, 5'7", 140, 6" Cut
Release date: April 29, 2015
Video Number: 1578

Just like his solo, I am hoping you all will really watch Noel's body language and facial expressions. And we get 2, possibly 3 ejaculations! He was super nervous to do this video. We had one false start where he was not sure he was going to get hard. Reset! We tried again, and things not only went smoother, he got really into! Watch him as Noah starts sucking on him. He watches the TV to start, but also throws his head to the left and right as if saying, "No."

Then he takes a serious interest in what is going down on his cock. The switch gets thrown, and he makes Noah his cock sucking bitch! His facial expressions run the gamut of freaked-out, pleasure, angry suck my cock face, to adorable boy with his tongue licking his upper lip, all sly and knowing you love sucking his rod. Noah does an amazing job sucking his curved cock. It is truly the prefect angle for sitting between his legs and servicing Noel. Noah make him cum too! I struggled to edit the cum shots on this one. Trying to balance the Instant Replays, with showing each round of ejaculation as a separate event. Noah sucks on him and jerks him until he starts cumming.

You will have to listen carefully for Noel to tell him he is cumming. A load cums out and Noah licks it up. Noel grabs his cock. I am pretty sure he was done cumming, and was working to get a second load. But he could have just been trying to get the rest of the first load out. You be the judge. After I watched it a couple times, I think he did ejaculate three times. Or two and half! He slows down his jerking a bit after the first round, then ramps up his speed again to get even more cum out of his cock. Noah his there to lap it up. A little bit still manages to splat across his nose. So it is up to you guys to decide. One really long orgasm? Two orgasms? Or three? And after doing your forensics, you will want to have an orgasm of your own, or three!!
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