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HardBritLads - Dean Van Damme

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Description - Dean Van Damme is a super hot straight lad, great looking, hugely muscular from years of sport and powerlifting - he has probably the biggest legs on HardBritLads. Add to that some hardcore tattoos and a big uncut cock, and you have one big horny package. Dean Van Damme is an incredibly hot straight lad, with alot going for him. Years of sport and intensive working out have given him an incredible body, Im talking BIG muscle. His legs are probably the biggest legs on HardBritLads, and they are all solid muscle, no doubt from the regular power lifting sessions he does. Alot of big muscle guys work out hard to compensate for average looks, or average cock. Not Dean. He is seriously handsome, and his cock is big too. Not compensating for anything, Dean just really loves sport and loves to work out. Fortunately for us, he is very happy to get his kit off for the lads. We start with an interview. Deans voice is charming and sexy. He tells how he has managed to get such an impressive body. He is laid back and relaxed. After the interview, Dean begins by lifting his vest to show us his firm abs, then takes his vest off, revealing his incredibly broad shoulders and chest, and Dean plays with his nipples a bit, and starts to rub his crotch. Dean then pours a liberal amount of body oil onto his huge chest, and rubs its in, first his pecs and abs, and then he pours more onto his arms, rubs it in, then flexes his big biceps for us. Very hot. Then Dean rubs oil into his incredible thighs. They are SO massive, and solid muscle. He lifts his shorts and tenses his powerful thighs for us. Those of you who appreciate REALLY big muscular legs will love this. Next, Dean goes back to rubbing the impressive bulge in his black shorts, he grips it at the base, giving us an idea of the size of it, before pulling down his shorts. He squeezes his stiffie inside his briefs, then sits down, pulling his undies off. His dick is smooth and uncut, and curves upwards. Its a good 8 inches, and perfect looking. He starts to jerk off slowly, his foreskin sliding up and down over the end of his cock. He lays back and closes his eyes. His huge legs and broad chest pretty much fill the frame as he jerks off. Lots of hot shots from different angles, showing off his body at its best as he jerks off for us. After that, Dean stands up, his throbbing dick so hard it points skywards. He plays with his foreskin again, nice and slow, and then gets a little spit onto his fingers, rubbing it into the end of his solid cock, making it glisten. He starts jerking off again, nice and slow to begin with, then takes his hand off his cock, which stays rock hard as he stands there, swinging it gently from side to side. Dean goes back to wanking, gets more spit onto his dick, which throbs harder than ever now, and he starts to speed up. We move to a low angle, looking up at his powerful frame as he gets himself closer, his breathing gets faster, till suddenly Dean shoots, with really thick heavy streams of spunk squirting out the end of his cock. He continues squeezing it out, thick and sticky, squeezing the end of his foreskin to get the last few drops out, before letting go of his still throbbing cock.

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