The Movie [2] - By Chi Cgi La Rue

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DescriptionSometimes it's all about the one-on-one. Maybe it's something about the closeness that you just can't get when three or four cocks are bobbing around your face. From the magazine of the same name ( ), "[2]: The Movie" is a production that Chi Chi LaRue's painted fingernails are really dug into, and the performers provide huge performances.

LaRue can be masterful at wordlessly telling a story, and in the opening sequence, lonely Trey Alimore is perusing the back pages of Unzipped magazine doing a little, ahem, uh ... shopping. When his purchase arrives, the Blake Harper look-alike Jack Ryan, Trey wastes absolutely no time surveying the goods. Trey's prick makes a healthy showing, eagerly poking out at the waistline of his undies. While giving his client some sultry kisses, Jack strokes the cock, throwing more fuel on the fire. He makes a great show of keeping eye contact with Trey as he blows him, even in slow-motion to further communicate intensity. Trey has a perfect dick for sucking, just long and thick enough, a real piece of meat. Jack teases Trey, standing above him before lowering his butthole onto Trey's probing tongue. I loved Jack's low-hangers draping over Trey's face. Instinctively, Jack knows what his client really wants is a good fucking. He takes his partner on his back and it's captured with some great shots of Jack's sheathed piece plunging in and out of the twink's hole.

When beat cop Adam Wolfe drops by the devilishly handsome Rob Anthony's home to investigate prowlers in the neighborhood, Rob brazenly makes a play for Adam's nightstick. What ensues is easily my favorite scene, no doubt due to Rob's magnetic sex appeal, voice and body. Turns out, he has a sling in his basement and he quickly puts Adam in it for a nasty rim. Apparently, this cop is no stranger to the rigors of gay sex, having no compunction about offering up his asshole up to his new partner. He politely keeps a rolled condom on his chest in the hopes that Rob will make a move. He needn't have worried. Rob throws him one hell of a fuck, and Adam's stiff prick, while on the receiving end, is a great indication of how he feels about the pounding he's getting. Rob hotly jerks his buddy off while pulling all the way out, and deliberately and roughly, then thrusting all the way back in. Rob's the kind of top who grabs a bottom's shoulders, using the body as leverage to get his cock in as deep as possible. (My only regret here is that Rob didn't force the cop to blow him first.)

Adam Wolfe heads over to Sam Tyson's house hoping to put a stop to Sam's habit of making obscene phone calls to unsuspecting neighbors. Sam has acting chops and quickly manages to seduce police officer Adam, although it could just be that Adam is a nasty whore who abuses his authority! The two make love on the couch, one of my favorite venues. They suddenly seem like two horny teenagers copping a feel when the late-night movie has ended on the TV screen. You can fully appreciate Adam's ripped physique as he stretches out fully while getting head, and Sam's hole looks absolutely delicious, pink and wet. Adam tonguing that beautiful pucker so well that I actually was convinced I could step in and take a swipe with my own tongue. Sam's not shy about returning the favor, and Adam gets some ass-lickin' of his own, before Adam tops Sam. I did find their mutual jerk-off to climax a nice way to end the scene -- every one of Adam's abs popping to the surface and his pecs squeezing muscularly.

The finale is extraordinarily sensual. Rob Romoni and Jason Land spend a lot of time using their fingertips, caressing faces, arms and chests, every so often stopping for a small kiss. All this takes place between the two blond beauties long before the Speedos come off and the cocksucking begins. But, oh, when those Speedos come off, they are filmed facing each other on their knees, kissing and letting their fleshy and gorgeous pricks duel against their tight bellies. They then excitedly move into a tight 69 where they can each dig tongues into asshole, all this while balancing precariously on a beach chair. Jason takes a vigorous ride on Rob's cock, his own dick staying stiff and close to his body as he slams his ass up and down. In an unexpected twist, Rob takes it up the ass, Jason is more than up to the top role. Jason then takes Rob on his side, Rob's member pinched and engorged between his bodybuilder thighs.

LaRue doesn't make much of a statement about intimacy or the power of "2" (most of the couples are strangers when they fuck) but they are paired beautifully. The flick also captures some genuine chemistry and heat. I'll never discount group sex, but it's nice to get a reminder about the excitement of just two.
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