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DescriptionVladimir L0ve proves again why he is The Man
Apart from the fact he ticks all the boxes here [flexing his muscles, his manhood displayed from multiple angles, enough precum to start a small civilization, the usual dick smacking (plus a lucky table getting beaten with his member after having been drooled on with previously mentioned boy batter), playing with his asshole like he's a female stripper working her pink on a monday afternoon shift and a stunning cumshot directly into camera] Vlad continues to give master class in how to perform and earn income.  I think he's usually performing daily, sometimes twice and always gives a 110% in his show without the usual "whore banter".  Nothing turns me off more in these webcam shows then when a guy starts demanding tips.  Here's a tip:  take lessons from a true performer, enjoy what you do and the tips will follow.  Whoops how did this soapbox get under my feet?

There is a bit of the post coital smoke here I so enjoy with my man and a smaller second file with a little post show just before he goes private for the shower.  He shows so much in his regular show my mind imagines all forms of deviancy in his private shower shows.  Oh to be the drain.

Duration:  26:08
Codec:  H264 MPEG-4 AVC
Resolution: 624x482
Video Bitrate:  966kpbs
Audio Bitrate:  58kpbs
Frame Rate:  25fps

Bonus file:  35 seconds, 3MB

Nominated for one of the best cum shots of 2015 so far.
Added2015-06-28 17:50:26
Size196.44 MB (205,977,827 bytes)
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