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BSB Classic01 1st-Aiden

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After several searches, it appears that the BrokeStraightBoys clips on this tracker are disorderly and rather incomplete.

I would like to upload all 400 of the episodes made while David and d&e productions were doing the filming.  I know that some (definitely not all) of these are already available on this tracker.  What I am offering is a way to either begin or complete a full collection of the videos from this great site when it was in its glory days.  If the community does not want this because of some duplicates just let me know and I will abandon the project.

Some notes:
    1. These clips are titled and arranged by model name and primary activity, with my favorite model being listed first in every instance.  (I'm sure there are better ways to catalogue files but, this works for me and it would take forever to rename them now.)

    2. Because of #1, they are not in chronological order.  Some of the more popular models spanned several years with the site and I like to see their progression in skill/comfort level.

    3. Each video is in the highest quality/bit rate available at the time but, the earlier clips are noticeably lower quality than the later ones.

    4. I debated whether to put these under "twinks" or "clips."  I will be happy to change for future uploads as appropriate.

    5. I will try to group 6-10 clips (depending on file sizes) in each torrent.  Even so, this whole process will take some time.

I hope you enjoy these great clips from a truly innovative site as much as I do.  Suggestions, comments, and seed bonus always appreciated! 
== Clip list ==
Adrian.solo.mp4 319.20 MB
Aaron.Corey.anal.mov 236.19 MB
Aiden.Sean.mov 236.15 MB
4-Way Straight Boy(Ryan.Xavier.Tyler.Tyler).mov 231.55 MB
Aaron.Hank.oral.mov 187.46 MB
Aiden.Nash.solo.mov 166.34 MB
1st scene.mov 153.17 MB
2012-02-06 19:42:04
1.49 GB (1,604,387,476 bytes)
7 files