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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-01 |
After roughly ten minutes of yawningly tedious game footage of our scrumptious jock hunks skating around a hockey rink, we finally cut to the trashy locker room action...

A solo whack-off session is inter-spliced with the sticky mouth/cock/rectum shenanigans of two buff young sex fiends. Some of their grunting noises get looped a bit too much and, at one point, we hear someone from off-camera bark something to the performers. Tisk, tisk. Otherwise, quite yummy.

Sloppy slurping and powerful plowing follows, and guys with a jock-strap fetish will spring a mighty bone over all the stretched and snapped straps here. There’s also a body rub session that evolves into a luscious suck-and-fuck three-way. And loosen your sphincters, because one extremely insatiable puck jock gets ass-drilled by a gigantic dildo. If only that incessant techno-porn music would go away, everything would be just peachy-keen…

As for the sports theme? Really, it amounts only to stunningly hot jocks wearing hockey gear. But since some of these stunningly hot jocks look as though they’ve just stepped out of an Abercrombie+Fitch winter catalogue, and since they all take off said hockey gear and play with their plump, veiny (and uncut!) flesh sticks, it’s all good.

The jock-hunks mouth-watering; their cocks spectacular; the cream factor high. If you can forgive some shaky technical snafus, you’ll be wallowing in a puddle of your own juice afterwards.

Cast:  Jan Dvorak, Lukas Arthur, Ivan Rohan, Robert Wild, Jan Dreifus, Lucas Art, Vilem Cage, Michael Berg
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