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Craig - Music Producer:

Craig is a tall smooth bloke who likes having as much nasty sex as possible. He's seen ads to be in porn many times before, but has only now worked up the nerve to actually audition. This kind of rampant tough hetero would normally beat to hell any guy that walked up to him asking that he spread his arse. That's why I convinced him I could help him achieve his porn fantasies if he did everything I asked him to. Craig has an incredibly expressive face so he has the versatility to look either cutely innocent or frighteningly brutal. This kind of dynamic ability greatly increases his chances of being cast in a much wider selection of porn films.

Though he was suffering slightly from nerves when he first arrived, I gradually won over Craig's confidence. Once he felt like he could trust me completely it's much easier to convince him to strip and have sex in the kind of scenarios that I would get off watching him in.

If you like big arses, you'll want to check out Craig's wide healthy carriage. Listening to how willing this big bad lover is to try taking a strap on gave me violent fantasies of screwing his tight straight arsehole while examining him. If only this guy knew what I was imagining while he was spread out naked in front of me!

Craig found it difficult to bring himself to climax in the stark silence of the audition room with me hovering around closely to his cock and arse. Once he gets into it, he has a sexy way of moaning while steadily stroking his big hard cock.

Edward - Semi-Pro Rugby Player:

Edward is straight rugby player who has a strong exhibitionist side. He thrives on being the focus of sexual attention and regularly works as a butler in buff where he wears an apron, cuffs and nothing else. It’s all about teasing and flirtation when entertaining groups of women, but here it’s full on nudity where he has to show everything and prove he can ejaculate on camera. He has such an eager jockboy look that I’m eager to cast him in his fantasy role submitting to an experienced older person who completely controls him.

Edward is hungry to explore lots of dirty sexual fantasies. Now that the reins are off him from being in a monogamous relationship he can be harnessed in an entirely different way. He’s been aching to get into this work for a long time and now that he’s getting his first chance he is desperate to make a good impression by being as compliant and obliging as possible.

Edward recently sustained a bad knee injury while playing rugby, but he’s so eager to get a break in porn that he goes through with the audition anyway. He has a smooth muscular body with sharply defined lines leading down to his plump dick and massive balls. It’s a pleasure to meet a straight guy that is so willing to have his hole used. From the way he spreads his cheeks to show off his tight pink opening you know he wants it.

It’s more of a turn on for Edward to stand tall while he’s jerking off knowing he’s completely on display. Also, the knowledge that anyone could be watching this video gets him off. This is a true exhibitionist who was born to do this.

Errol - Fireman:

Errol's time spent kickboxing and cycling really pay off - just look at his body when he strips down naked for his full exam. His slender well-defined body is fantastic. What a shame that this buff lad is so shy about showing his tight arsehole. Of course, I don't let his reluctance stop me from making him show it off in every position I can manoeuvre him into. It may be a coincidence, but men who prefer to stand when they wank seem to be the ones who are more exhibitionistic. With his fit body and desire to have sex in public, Errol definitely likes to be looked at because he jerks off for me like he hasn't emptied his balls in weeks.

I love setting the trap for proud straight guys asking him if he'd do anything with a girl and then asking him if he'd take it up the arse with a strap-on. His face twists in pain and he says he couldn't. It's important to interject reminders all throughout the interview that he is an absolute amateur and therefore should follow all of my orders.

His body forms a fantastic V shape, broad at the chest and shoulders slimming down to his tight waist and fat cock. His foreskin is incredibly tight and it's difficult to pull it fully back from the plump pink head of his cock. He seemed to enjoy showing off his body at first, but by the end after prolonged arsehole exposure he looks decidedly pissed off.

I let Errol work his cock up till it's thick and hard and he's bursting to get off. Then I teach him a little lesson about the hard reality of a porn set. He's not allowed to cum until the cameraman says he can. On the brink of squirting he holds back as much as he can until he has to unleash a heavy load in front of me.

Heath - Student:

Eager college boy Heath may have an innocent face, but this lad likes it rough. He describes in lots of details how he gets off on dominating and being dominated. You wouldn’t expect such dirty thing to come out of such sweet pink lips. Even though he is straight and says he won’t do any porn work with men he seems to enjoy the process of being ordered about while buck naked and posing his body exactly how I want to see it. It was worth auditioning Heath for the cum shot alone. He nearly gives me a facial with the force of his ejaculation.

It’s unusual for a young guy like Heath to be so self assured and confident about what he likes sexually. With very little prompting he describes the kinky things he gets off on. It’s exciting that he’s been eagerly exploring this side of himself as now we’ll be able to capture the process on film. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s taken things further and eased up on his limits in a year’s time.

Heath is compliant and easy to direct. I love telling him to rest his head back and relax so I don’t have to worry about him while I get in close to examine and smell his very pink anus. He’s ambivalent about taking a dildo up his hole so I have to convince him to take the plunge and try it. Such a tight inviting hole really needs to be explored.

Taking on the role of a submissive, Heath jerks himself off under my firm command trying to impress me. He proves he isn’t shy of the camera working up a big erection and shooting a massive spray of cum.

Tyler - Electrician:

Tyler is the kind of older buddy I used to pal around with when I was a teenager. He’s exactly the sort I used to have wet dreams about. A big hulking example of male beauty. Kind of thick in the head, but knowledgeable about sex mainly because he lives to ejaculate. I would happily listen to stories of his sexual escapades while nursing a hard-on in my jeans. In any boy-girl porn film he’d be purely used as the muscle that’s in the background, pumping her while she simpers into the camera. I think he’s much more interesting placed in a central role with his ass pointed up for the viewer’s benefit.

Because he’s not a total beginner, Tyler has a much more realistic approach to working in porn than most guys have. When listening to him you’ll hear how he’s obviously not a total moron. But I find it sexier to think of him as a big oaf I’m stringing along for my own pleasure.

Doing a naked physical exam with guys not very experienced in modelling makes them incredibly self-conscious. I suspect Tyler was too worried about how he was looking on camera to think too much about how I really make him bend over like a bitch that is hungry to be fucked. I took special care to make him pose like this for a long time since he said he really doesn’t want to be penetrated.

Imagine having this electrician come around to your house to fix your light bulb and convincing him to give you a masturbation show into the bargain! It’s a perennial sexual fantasy and for good reason. Any blue-collar serviceman that gets himself off as hotly as Tyler is welcome to spill his spunk on my floor! Listen out for the chummy way he says, “I’m gonna cum soon mate!” before doing just that.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

Videos included in this torrent are as follows:

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Craig - Wank.wmv:  45.56 MB

Edward - Interview.wmv:  58.62 MB
Edward - Physical.wmv:  31.79 MB
Edward - Wank.wmv:  57.59 MB

Errol - Interview.wmv:  31.84 MB
Errol - Physical.wmv:  52.68 MB
Errol - Wank.wmv:  20.96 MB

Heath - Interview.wmv:  27.26 MB
Heath - Physical.wmv:  30.10 MB
Heath - Wank.wmv:  20.46 MB

Tyler - Interview.wmv:  10.74 MB
Tyler - Physical.wmv:  49.67 MB
Tyler - Wank.wmv:  44.28 MB

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