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♺ Badmasterboys - Fitness With Master Skaret

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Spit, Socks, Feet, Worship, Master, Slave
30% Feet, 25% Socks, 25 % Sneakers, 25 % Humilation, Spit & Slaps

‘Can’t you go a bit quicker than this’?  Master Skaret – wearing dark coloured tracksuit bottoms, a white T-shirt and cool Nike trainers – is sitting on the back of slave Alex and riding him through the flat.  The short ride leads to an exercise machine in the bedroom.  Master Skaret would like to hone his muscles.  He is pretty pumped up for it today.  And he is angry that his slave is such a lazy-ass  .  The loser is reduced to a gibbering wreck.

The slave has to lie down on the floor.  His hands are tied to the exercise machine so that the Master can push his feet down on him whilst he is exercising.  But first of all there are a few slaps, kicks and a hefty dose of snot into his mouth.  After all that the slave is allowed to put his tongue to work dealing with the dirt which is stuck to the soles of his master’s Nike-trainers.  ‘Shut your mouth and get licking’ the master bellows

While Skaret gets on with lifting weights, he says under his breath: ‘ I haven’t done much in the last few days to take care of my feet’ Then he looks at his slave and throws him a wicked grin ’As a punishment you can eat it all up afterwards’  And its not just the sweat and the dirt sticking to his feet that he has in mind
The loser is told that every 30 seconds he has to express his appreciation of how cool it is to lick the dirt from his master’s trainers.  Woe to Alex if he forgets that even once.  ‘That will mean my fist in your gob ‘ announces Master Skaret

The slave is not just subjected to bodily humiliation.  There is verbal humiliation to come as well.  He has to be convinced that the only reason he was born was to serve his master. ‘Afterwards we’re going out into the street’ the master grins.  Just thinking about it embarrasses the loser.  But the master stays tough and enjoys painting a picture of how he will degrade his victim down to the level of a mangy dog and expose him in public

A smell test takes the exercise session on.  The master tapes up  his slave’s mouth.  Alex  has to pull off his master’s trainers from his feet. ‘That’s going to make you catch your breath, I promise you’ the master says as he presses his socked feet onto the loser’s face.  The soles of the master’s socks are blacker than black and soaked with sweat.  The smell is gross and literally capable of taking your breath away

Meanwhile Skaret has taken off his T Shirt and is exercising with a bare torso. ‘You know what’s coming next’ he says as he points to his socks.  The slave has to peel off his socks from his feet.  He is wide eyed with horror.  The feet are soaking wet in sweat, between the toes there is a huge amount of dirt and the toenails are hugely long.  ‘Hey, you getting hungry?’ the master says, smiling.  Without waiting for an answer, he begins to clip the toenails on his right foot.  While he’s doing that, the slave has to occupy himself with the toe cheese on his left foot.  ‘That’s your  appetiser’ pronounces Master Skaret arrogantly.  Then one after the other he feeds the loser with freshly cut toenails and tells it like it is  ; ‘Those are pretty nasty’.  The slave is told to suck them as if they are sweets before he swallows them down.  Then the pedicure of the left foot also produces rich pickings for the slave; five thick, extremely long toenails.

For afters there is bitter armpit sweat.  The loser has to lick out the armpits of his master and unquestioningly swallow down the  substantial quantity of sweat.  A small lake of sweat has also formed around the bellybutton .  ‘Enjoy.  That’s what you call a five star menu’ says Master Skaret, full of sarcasm.
On the exercise machine Master Skaret is running into top form.  He is really nasty and pumped up and enjoys tormenting and humiliating his slave.  Just his voice reduces his victim to total  timidity.  Superb!
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