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Dreamboybondage - Chad - Police State Torture 1 - 9

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DescriptionPolice State Torture – Part 1

Playtime: 15:52

Chad Larsen is a 21-year-old student in the not-too-distant future. America has become a police state where even minor “political crimes” result in “immediate and severe” punishment. Chad has committed just such a crime, insulting a government official, and now stands before a judge. “First, you will be stripped naked and severely whipped on the front and back of your body,” the judge announces. Chad shakes with fear as the rest of his punishment is described: burning with wax, genital electrocution, anal penetration. His punishment begins immediately. Next week: Stripped naked, stretched higher.

Police State Torture – Part 2

Playtime: 16:08

Chad knows he must submit to the whipping, but he refuses to give the men torturing him the satisfaction of seeing him cry or beg for mercy, even as the leather strips rip his flesh, leaving deep, red welts. His screams are filled with pain – and anger. His last shred of dignity is soon gone as his underwear is yanked down, leaving him completely naked, his uncut cock flopping around for all to see on the live Webcast of his torture. Chad is cranked up on to his toes – adding to his pain – and whipped until the front and back of his body is bright red. He will hang there for hours. Next week: Whipped upside down.

Police State Torture – Part 3

Playtime: 15:08

After hanging by his wrists, in pain and exhausted, for hours, Chad is lowered to the concrete floor. “We have just begun,” the young man torturing him announces, after attaching form-fitting cuffs to his ankles. Chad can’t believe what is happening as he’s pulled up and left dangling upside down. His whipping is only half over; the second half starts now. The whip hurts even more as it smashed into his stomach, sucked in hard, knocking the wind out of him. There is much less anger in his screams now and much more anguish. Next week: Whipping ends, electrocution begins.

Police State Torture – Part 4

Playtime: 15:05

Still hanging upside-down, ChadÂ’s whipping intensifies. He is being punished for criticizing the government in AmericaÂ’s not-to-distant future, a time when torture as punishment is routine and public. Thousands of people are watching ChadÂ’s naked body brutally abused, live on the web. The count grows dramatically when itÂ’s announced that the studentÂ’s next punishment will be electrocution of his genitals. HeÂ’s spread on a low black table, a steel cuff encasing his cock and balls. Then the electrodes are attached. Next week: Cock and balls fried.

Police State Torture – Part 5

Playtime: 14:26

After just a few shocks, Chad is absolutely terrified, delusional with pain and fear. Electric current flows to a steel ring at the base of his cock and balls, convulsing his whole body. The multitude watching online can see every inch of his naked, muscular body, stretched provocatively, legs spread, arms overhead. “Please, I’ve had enough,” he begs. “Turn it up 50%,” his torturer replies, with a smirk. Chad cannot believe the pain caused by this new level of power. Then it’s turned up again. Next week: Electrodes moved, clothespins added.

Police State Torture – Part 6

Playtime: 15:22

“Thank-you, sir!” Chad says as the young police specialist torturing him removes the electrodes from his cock and balls. “Don’t thank me yet,” the officer smirks, as he reattaches the electrodes to Chad’s wrists and left ankle, the metal tips touching his skin. Now the current flows through his entire body, making him twist and convulse even more. Plus, the length of each shock increases, culminating with a final shock of over 30 seconds – past the legal limit. Now it’s time to attack his nipples and cock with clothespins. Next week: Forced anal penetration.

Police State Torture – Part 7

Playtime: 15:39

With 11 specially calibrated wooden pins – a nastier version of the common clothespin – clamped to his nipples and cock, causing a throbbing but low-level pain, Chad is given a “break.” Instead of being whipped or electro-tortured, for the next hour, he will be anally fucked. Of course, since Chad has never had so much as a finger up his ass, his “break” will be incredibly painful and humiliating. When it’s all over, the pins are removed and blood rushes back to crushed nerve endings, sending him into spasms of pain. Next week: Burned alive.

Police State Torture – Part 8

Playtime: 15:26

For the simple act of criticizing a minor government official, Chad, just 21, has been spread out on a torture table where heÂ’s experienced a level of pain and humiliation he never imagined in his worse nightmare. HeÂ’s been electro-shocked until he nearly passed on from the pain. His cock and nipples were crushed while his virgin ass was brutally fucked. How can it possible get worse? He is about to find out. Searing hot wax, each drop like liquid fire, is splatter onto his chest and stomach, . dripped all over his arms and legs, then poured onto his cock and balls.

Police State Torture – Part 9

Playtime: 15:29

The sadistic judge overseeing Chad’s torture continues to whip the wax off the fit young man’s stretched chest and abs. “Flip him over,” the judge orders. He has never before personally tortured a prisoner – and it is clear that the reason he is doing so now is because he is turned on by making Chad’s hot, young body writhe in pain. He pours more searing hot wax on Chad’s back – and then massages Chad’s muscles. “I’m going to have you assigned to me during your prison sentence” the judge tells Chad – and he knows exactly what that means.

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