Steve + Jake + Collin

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Steve Cruz, Jake Deckard, Collin O'Neal

As dawn breaks, Steve and Jake climb out of the burning wreckage, aware that the smoke will attract the Arabs. They set out across the desert in the hopes of staying one step ahead of their pursuers. The heat blisters down on them as they struggle through mountains, sand dunes, forests of date trees, and dry canyons. Finally, after hours without water, they collapse, sunstroke taking its heavy toll.
As they lie there Steve falls into a dream--a fantasy of a tropical beach with wind and water. (This scene was actually shot in Hawaii just for this movie!) As the cool sea breezes caress his body, his dreams bring him a naked Jake! The ocean swells smash into the rocks, covering them both with spray. They go down on each other, only mildly surprised when Collin O'Neal joins them on the rock. A riveting three-way takes place, the blue ocean behind them, the polar opposite of the harsh reality of the desert. ItÂ’s a great scene--and Collin O'Neal's dick never looked bigger! Steve's performance stands out--so much so that we now consider him to be the new Tag Adams!

scene 5 from My Big Fucking Dick - Collin O'Neal
also scene 7 RS - Mirage
also scene 2 Hairy Boyz 20
2021-11-26 07:14:26
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