Sex Gaymes - Alejandro Fernandez and Bahiano Fox

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Alejandro Fernandez wakes up with a massive piss hard-on and he gets very lucky on this particular morning. Fellow Sexgaymes latino hunk Bahiano Fox shows up at the right time to take care of that aching erection for his gorgeous amigo. He works that delicious looking man meat like there's no tomorrow and Alejandro is most impressed and pleased. To have such a handsome cock sucker on your shaft like Bahiano is one of the finer things in life indeed. Of course, eventually Alejandro gets a taste for some man ass and sets about rimming the horny bottom with his long, deft tongue. Bahiano moans and squirms around in bliss and pretty soon is literally begging for that huge dick up his hairy butt. Alejandro is never one to disappoint and sets about slamming Bahiano deep, hard and fast with his weapon of ass destruction!

Running time: 26 mins.


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2010-09-30 10:06:43
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