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DescriptionFrom Kawika808: I used to have a huge crush on this dude. I started collecting videos of him off of various websites before HD came on scene. So most of these files are small...320x240...yeah, I know. But hey, I wanted Mr. Tommy D in a bad way...haha! Enjoy and mahalo for downloading them. Send me some seeds if you can. My ratio is teetering on the edge. LOL!

From the TommyDXXX.com Website: Hey everybody! Tommy D here, welcome to my website. I started doing porn in 2001 and am still going strong. I started for the money but stayed for the SEX!!! I love to fuck and i am very happy to have the opportunity to share my sexcapades with you. I am a very sexual person, i love guys and girls and prefer to be with both at the same time. The more the merrier i always say!

I have a lot of friends and my friends really know how to turn me on. They're always more than happy to give us all a good show :) My life is very busy. When i'm not shooting porn i work construction to stay in shape and make extra cash. I go to the gym 3 days a week to lift weights and do spinning classes. I love road biking and i go on long distance rides every weekend i can.

In my spare time i enjoy going to the movies, shooting pool, going bowling, playing WOW (yes i'm a computer nerd, lol) or just hanging out with some friends and drinking some cold beers. I hope you all enjoy my site.
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TDX tommy & adam1.jpg 216.93 kB
TDX tommy & adam1.wmv 58.12 MB
TDX tommy & adam2.jpg 230.10 kB
TDX tommy & adam2.wmv 58.37 MB
TDX TOMMY & BRADY REY.jpg 268.83 kB
TDX tommy & christian.jpg 297.97 kB
TDX tommy & christian.wmv 95.83 MB
TDX tommy & dak1.jpg 238.72 kB
TDX tommy & dak1.wmv 57.85 MB
TDX tommy & dak2.jpg 244.64 kB
TDX tommy & dak2.wmv 58.26 MB
TDX tommy & dylan mclovin1.jpg 271.85 kB
TDX tommy & dylan mclovin1.wmv 56.37 MB
TDX tommy & dylan mclovin2.jpg 265.59 kB
TDX tommy & dylan mclovin2.wmv 56.30 MB
TDX tommy & fox.jpg 247.06 kB
TDX tommy & fox.wmv 65.46 MB
TDX tommy & josh1.jpg 225.71 kB
TDX tommy & josh1.wmv 52.44 MB
TDX tommy & josh2.jpg 225.79 kB
TDX tommy & josh2.wmv 52.73 MB
TDX tommy & kenny1.jpg 91.93 kB
TDX tommy & kenny1.wmv 19.54 MB
TDX tommy & kenny2.jpg 218.72 kB
TDX tommy & kenny2.wmv 35.48 MB
TDX tommy & marcus mojo1.jpg 238.89 kB
TDX tommy & marcus mojo1.wmv 58.29 MB
TDX tommy & marcus mojo2.jpg 229.90 kB
TDX tommy & marcus mojo2.wmv 58.47 MB
TDX tommy & samuel1.jpg 234.15 kB
TDX tommy & samuel1.wmv 51.51 MB
TDX tommy & samuel2.jpg 230.63 kB
TDX tommy & samuel2.wmv 51.66 MB
TDX tommy & slade.jpg 223.35 kB
TDX tommy & slade.wmv 75.82 MB
TDX tommy & steven1.jpg 224.70 kB
TDX tommy & steven1.wmv 58.35 MB
TDX tommy & steven2.jpg 233.31 kB
TDX tommy & steven2.wmv 59.03 MB
TDX tommy & taylor aims1.jpg 237.39 kB
TDX tommy & taylor aims1.wmv 57.46 MB
TDX tommy & taylor aims2.jpg 241.05 kB
TDX tommy & taylor aims2.wmv 57.80 MB
TDX tommy & tyler (returns).jpg 234.77 kB
TDX tommy & tyler (returns).wmv 74.35 MB
TDX tommy & tyler.jpg 219.49 kB
TDX tommy & tyler.wmv 57.92 MB
TDX tommy & wes1.jpg 222.83 kB
TDX tommy & wes1.wmv 58.52 MB
TDX tommy & wes2.jpg 207.61 kB
TDX tommy & wes2.wmv 59.21 MB
TDX tommy solo.jpg 235.76 kB
TDX tommy solo.wmv 70.19 MB
TDX tommy takes a swim.jpg 273.72 kB
TDX tommy takes a swim.wmv 49.57 MB
TDX tommy's 3some.jpg 267.90 kB
TDX tommy's 3some.wmv 73.30 MB
TDX tommy's fleshjack solo.jpg 254.64 kB
TDX tommy's fleshjack solo.wmv 93.60 MB
TommyDxxx1.jpg 140.51 kB
TommyDxxx2.jpg 129.43 kB
TommyDxxx3.jpg 575.56 kB
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