[Dolphin] Sauna XXL ( avi format)

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DescriptionImagine 165 steaming minutes of dreamy sauna sex with a dozen handsome, passionate young men. Imagine men so deliriously good-looking that poets would write about them and artists would paint their portraits. This film is like both a poem and a painting, capturing the essence of these gorgeous studs. First, some quick stats: the men are uncut, very well-hung Russians, and they enjoy bareback fucking. There are oral cumshots where the jizz gets tasted and worshipped. And there's plenty of spit lube -- literally gobs and gobs of spit to keep those huge cocks well-lubricated. The men generally have smooth chests, hairy legs, sexy treasure trails, and naturally hairy pubes and asses.

One particularly nice feature of this film is that we see the same couples having sex in different locations around the sauna. Things might get hot and heavy in the steam room, where some luscious cocksucking and intense buttfucking happen, and then the men might make out in the shower or in a hot-tub, enjoying some tender lovemaking and lots of deep kissing. Then they might dry off and go to the break room to try out some new positions. In other words, it's like seeing an entire night of varied sex with each couple.
Another great feature is that the men shoot off after each activity. They don't do six acts in a row and then cum once. They cum after sucking. They cum after fucking. They cum over and over again, usually aimed toward an open mouth. And they can't get enough of one another. They love deep kissing, and they deep throat like true pros. Spit lovers aren't going to believe how juicy the cocksucking gets, and they'll appreciate how spit is the only lube for the anal action.

Cum lovers are going to adore all the glazed tongues and the snowballing that happens afterwards, as well as one mega-squirting of a freshly fucked ass (where the gaping hole is literally drenched with hard-shooting mancream). And get a load of the big-squirting orgasm that occurs two-hours and sixteen-minutes into the film, followed by an even juicer oral cumshot ten minutes later, and then a terrific tongue and chin glazing ten minutes after that!

The cumshot from "Cody" at 50 minutes into the video is not to be missed.  This is a wonderful, erotic romp from a few years ago when guys didn't shave what shouldn't be shaved....

FYI, this film is available in other formats via this tracker as follows:
mp4:  https://www.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=7d469db880f915343f627acd8bc2072f2d98e88ed1cae869 (1.88 MB)
DVD:  https://www.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=36f51f21171fe5fc3f627acd8bc2072fe04abb6881245483 (4.36 MB)

(The screen grabs image is from the mp4 version.  This .avi version is 512x368--slightly smaller but still very good quality.)
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