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Campy, cum-filled, comic, and quirky, The American Adventures of Surelick Holmes is a subversive movie and a one of a kind in the world of porn. From scene to scene it trippingly switches from high camp to nasty mouth cum shots to painfully bad but funny acting to pissing to transvestite sex to S/M, all the while parodying that bastion of detectives, Sherlock Holmes.

The men are average looking, but each with a sexy unusual look that make them strangely appealing, and all wear period clothes in the sex scenes. The long hair, bell-bottom jeans, and retro music mark it signature 1970s vintage porn. In the end it will intrigue and amuse. A must-see for porn aficionados.

Surelick Holmes receives a call from his detective friend, Charles Head, to come to America to consult on a case. David Chandler plays Surelick, a long and lean man with striking dark hair and a light complexion, with a strange sexual appeal that carries the film. On the plane over to America Dr. Watson, played by Frank Massey, sucks Surelick off. Here we find that Dr. Watson has two passions: sucking cock and crocheting both of which he does constantly throughout the movie. In America, Surelick goes to see the detective Charles Head, played by Zebedy Colt. Zebedy is a regular guy, with exaggerated intense features, again no true beauty but with a strange masculine sexual appeal that draws you in. Throughout the cocksucking they discuss the case which is one of the hallmarks of the film: the zany plot is constantly worked into and discussed in the sex scenes for good or for bad. There is a hell of a lot of cum that drools out of his mouth, and Detective Head shoots a huge load over his jeans. Then Zebedy gets fucked by Surelick (who keeps his coat and hat on the whole time) and Watson arrives chiding them for not working. Detective Head replies by saying "What do you mean we're not working, what does it look like?... We're just fucking around?" typical of the campy humor that permeates throughout the movie. Watson gets back to crocheting and sucking cock. The camera switches back and forth between the detective's ass and Watson's mouth. And though you don't see the actual ejaculation, there is tons more cum shared between Watson and Detective Head, slobbering all over Surelick's slimy dick.

The case Surelick is investigating revolves around a blackmail plot against Mr. Rich Bitch. Unless one million dollars is paid, the board members of Mr. Rich Bitch's company will be castrated. It is implied that Mr. Rich Bitch is into S/M so Surelick and Watson need to go to an S/M bar for a demonstration of whipping as research. An attractive man is spanked, lightly whipped, face-fucked then pissed on by a domineering black man. Surelick and Watson leave to find Mr. Rich Bitch who is getting sucked off by his Butler. In this movie, people in clothes in regular settings drop to their knees and just start sucking cock for no reason, a zany alternative universe. Mr. Rich Bitch is campy and pudgy, funny in ways but does not exactly exude sexual energy and attraction. This progresses into a five-man orgy that ends up with lots of cum. It doesn't shoot out of the cocks in the scene, it comes out of the guys' mouth, simulated, yes, but the cum sure looks real nasty and messy.

A subplot of the nephew of Mr. Rich Bitch is introduced who goes to his uncle for money with his new lover. In their room they have a quick suck and fuck - both are very slim and cute, the twinks of the movie. They are then drugged by Mr. Bitch and put in chains in the basement where they are lightly whipped and forced to suck cock The butler joins in, ending up with more of those mysterious but copious cum shots. Meanwhile, Surelick gets closer to solving the case by investigating a dress shop, the proprietor of which is a rail thin nelly man with long wispy hair and a mustache too big for his face. As they discuss the ransom Surelick drops to his knees and sucks the thin guy off, the campy dialogue intermingled with the sucking. A bag man comes in (don't ask why) sees the guys engaged in fellatio and crawls out. Holmes investigation brings him to a men's washroom where there is some orgy action with the domineering black man, and a very hot guy in a suit. One of the best cumshots of the flick happens here where the suited guy gets his face and hair blasted with spunk where you actually see the cum gush full force out of the cock. Very tasty. As the case comes to a close (as does Watson's crocheting) it gets zanier by the minute with some improvised dialogue that goes on a bit too long, until the finale when Surelick has his way with Maryorty played by Barry Warfel topping off the film with a little transvestite sex.

Overall a fun romp with some magnificent cumshots along the way.

Starring David L. Chandler, Zebedy Colt, Barry Warfel, Rick Valentine, Chris von Brenner and Frank Massey

Duration: 1.30 hrs.

Res. 512x384

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