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DescriptionThese are webcam shows from LiveMuscleShow. He is known as shane orton there.

These videos are unedited, so there are parts that's just talking or waiting for someone to say hi.
It would be great if there are any of you who can  help me edit these to just several videos that's just showing him jerk of & cum.
I think there are 3 or 4 vids that's him cumming, I'm not sure.

Thank youuu :)

I have more videos from that site. I can share them if you guys want.

List of files :
ms_m_shaneorton_11-14-2014_@_15h42m40s.flv 11.02 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-14-2014_@_15h47m36s.flv 8.78 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-14-2014_@_15h50m49s.flv 7.67 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-14-2014_@_15h53m09s.flv 7.12 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-14-2014_@_15h55m20s.flv 7.04 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-14-2014_@_15h57m44s.flv 6.49 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-14-2014_@_16h00m14s.flv 6.70 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-14-2014_@_16h02m41s.flv 16.03 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-15-2014_@_ 5h44m27s.flv 116.94 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-15-2014_@_ 6h12m19s.flv 914.21 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-15-2014_@_ 7h49m09s.flv 259.22 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-15-2014_@_ 8h29m19s.flv 69.47 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-15-2014_@_ 9h41m13s.flv 418.55 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-15-2014_@_10h58m35s.flv 262.61 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-16-2014_@_ 3h13m38s.flv 416.19 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-16-2014_@_10h28m56s.flv 166.12 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-16-2014_@_10h52m20s.flv 85.92 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-16-2014_@_11h09m45s.flv 597.70 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-16-2014_@_13h38m02s.flv 322.21 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-16-2014_@_14h10m54s.flv 208.43 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-16-2014_@_14h32m11s.flv 72.57 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-17-2014_@_ 2h46m32s.flv 207.29 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-17-2014_@_ 3h11m09s.flv 123.39 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-17-2014_@_ 7h20m28s.flv 71.87 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-17-2014_@_ 7h37m12s.flv 751.26 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-17-2014_@_ 9h13m32s.flv 232.75 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-17-2014_@_ 9h44m04s.flv 69.86 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-18-2014_@_ 8h08m21s.flv 115.60 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-18-2014_@_ 8h58m32s.flv 429.09 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-18-2014_@_ 9h47m32s.flv 137.77 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-18-2014_@_11h55m55s.flv 630.23 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-19-2014_@_ 2h08m14s.flv 145.66 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-19-2014_@_ 7h53m46s.flv 331.79 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-19-2014_@_ 9h26m13s.flv 73.99 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-21-2014_@_ 3h17m48s.flv 556.39 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-21-2014_@_ 7h01m58s.flv 358.30 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-21-2014_@_ 7h50m57s.flv 381.42 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-21-2014_@_10h00m54s.flv 66.20 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-21-2014_@_10h10m01s.flv 225.43 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-21-2014_@_13h56m40s.flv 91.48 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_11-22-2014_@_10h47m55s.flv 449.01 MB
lms_m_shaneorton_12-25-2014_@_12h34m58s.flv 141.33 MB
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