♺ Tribal Pulse - Subway Gang Bang

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-08-23 |
Subway Gang Bang

Studio:  Tribal Pulse
Director:  Sam Dixon
Cast:  Ollie Kicks, Danny Lopez, Cameron Sage, Hans Ebson, Mark Cirriano, Jo

mp4 (MPEG-4 Video/H264), 720x540, 29.97 fps, mp3 128 kb/s, 868 mb, Runtime: 65 min

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Object of affection here is Danny Lopez, a hot Latino fireplug with broad shoulders, narrow hips, a sensational ass and hard thighs, who is pursued by five buddies through a subway corridor until they snatch him and take him into the room. These guys are more ordinary than spectacular, none resembles the other and all are hot for cock and ass. There's Cameron Sage, the sandy-haired romantic type with military tats; Hans Ebson, who has progressed from post-twink bottom-guy to semi-pumped ringleader; dirty-blond and extremely hung Mark Cirriano, whose heavy dark eyebrows and bedroom eyes belie a voracious hunger for cock; Ollie Kicks, a taut, nearly skinhead type with a grand array of tats, including a wild one on his back; and Jo, a dark, curly-haired very Mediterranean angular sort who seems like the quiet type, but who is never without a cock in his mouth, or interest in grabbing one.

The gang of five goes right to work on the fat-dicked Danny, who quietly lays back and lets them strip him and taste his pecker, while he is force-fed a repast of cock. It is absolutely useless to try to describe all of the action because it flows so naturally and is photographed so enticingly with close-ups that often include every mouth and cock in the same frame, and before you know it, you are simply hypnotized by the orchestration. In one sequence, for example, Ollie finger-fucks Jo from behind while leaning around Jo's hips to suck his cock while Mark sucks Danny as Hans feeds Cameron his dong. Indeed, one of the great surprises of this flick is Cameron, who has always played hot and cold in many of his roles. Here he is completely as engrossed in cock as the rest of them. I was also completely smitten by Ollie, who at one point moves around the table simply to take Cameron's cock out of Danny's throat and eats it himself.

It's Mark who starts the fucking action: "I wanna fuck this guy," he says casually and takes Danny missionary as Cameron stuffs Danny's face while sucking on Hans. Seeing that Ollie has been left with nothing, Mark gives up Danny's hole to him as Jo joins Ollie sucking Cameron, while Mark eats Joe's cock. Cameron takes Danny next in a strong pounding that has the pig-bottom moaning loudly in complete ecstasy. Hans takes his turn by getting Danny on his knees for a hard doggy-fuck while Mark feeds his cock to the bottom-guy and Cameron covers Mark's body with his mouth. Jo then takes over for Cameron as the latter plunges into Ollie's crotch for some midday sausage before going back to Mark's bazooka. Mark then goes back to fuck Danny missionary as Jo slips into a 69 with the pig-guy. Ollie takes a turn for a while but soon is replaced by Mark as Ollie goes back to spend some quality 69 time with Jo. But Jo needs more ass and he soon takes Danny for the final ride, as Hans, Cameron, Ollie and then -- in a huge creamy sticky load -- Jo, spill their loads on the piggy-guy. Mark then goes back inside Danny, pumping until the bottom cums in huge spurts, then delivers his money-shot all over Danny's body as well.

There you go, as natural a gangbang as you'll ever see, manipulated brilliantly by Sam Dixon, whose presence you never sense but know is there from the first frame.
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