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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-08-11 |
Here's what I like to call a gay furry art sampler pack. For those that don't know, a "furry" is an anthropomorphic animal. That is, it's an animal that has many human qualities, such as having a humanoid body and thinking like a human while retaining a few animal characteristics such as fur and their head shapes. And of course, much like humans, they like to have a lot of sex. While "furries" generally refer to anthropomorphic animals, many other anthropomorphic creatures can be covered under the term, such as dragons or Orcs.

This torrent includes images done by some of my favorite artists in the furry fandom. If you're looking for an introduction to furry artwork, this is the torrent for you since I'm starting you off with what I believe is some of the best work the fandom has to offer. The artists specifically in this pack are ForgeTheWielder, Grisser, Null-Ghost, Nick300, mumu202, Rrowdybeast, and Spookeedoo. Most of the images can be found in these artists' online galleries, with the exception of Spookeedoo's as he recently deleted all his images (so get them from here for safe-keeping!). But I figured I'd make it easy for people and compile them all together in one place. These are by no means the complete works of these artists, but it's what I've compiled over the years. And I should mention that these artists do a lot more bara type artwork, so most of the furries featured will be manly, chubby, and muscular (See the picture previews for examples).

If this torrent takes off, I may do other packs like this one featuring other artists since I have plenty of art saved.

(And for the record, in case anyone's worried that something like this is akin to bestiality or any other fetish involving real animals, it's not since furries are not real animals--they are fictional creatures, and plus, they have human minds and mostly human bodies so they're more like modified humans instead of modified animals.)

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