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DescriptionIt's rare to see an amat porn dude evolve over a period of time. From his first scene filmed in May of 2006 to his most recent filmed just a month ago we've seen Johnny grow up. To my knowledge he only did 5 scenes for The Guy Site I've only been able to find the first two and the last two, if anyone has the one in the middle titled Johnny's Toy please let me know & please share. The last two pics I'll attach are stills from that one.

It's great watching this already beefy dude, just sprouting chest hair jerk off, then try something up his ass, then disappear for 7 years only to come back bigger and furry, then finally last month to interact with another dude and get fucked by Aaron Bruiser! BOOM!

Enjoy, seed, thank, rate, and bonus if you feel the... urge.

Files Included:
Johnny [TheGuySite 027].wmv 159.92 MB
Johnny [TheGuySite 027].wmv.0002.jpg 49.20 kB
Johnny [TheGuySite 027].wmv.0004.jpg 31.89 kB
Johnny [TheGuySite 027].wmv.0005.jpg 50.67 kB
Johnny [TheGuySite 027].wmv.0012.jpg 44.50 kB
Johnny [TheGuySite 027].wmv.jpg 296.09 kB
TGS - Johnny Beer Bottle.wmv 278.35 MB
TGS - Johnny Beer Bottle.wmv.0000.jpg 71.13 kB
TGS - Johnny Beer Bottle.wmv.0004.jpg 67.01 kB
TGS - Johnny Beer Bottle.wmv.0007.jpg 63.84 kB
TGS - Johnny Beer Bottle.wmv.0009.jpg 54.68 kB
TGS - Johnny Beer Bottle.wmv.jpg 367.70 kB
TGS-AaronBruiser-Johnny.mp4 347.26 MB
TGS-AaronBruiser-Johnny.mp4.0002.jpg 139.51 kB
TGS-AaronBruiser-Johnny.mp4.0013.jpg 123.20 kB
TGS-AaronBruiser-Johnny.mp4.0017.jpg 118.82 kB
TGS-AaronBruiser-Johnny.mp4.jpg 386.66 kB
TheGuySite - TGS332 - Guess Who - Johnny.wmv 233.65 MB
TheGuySite - TGS332 - Guess Who - Johnny.wmv.0001.jpg 109.70 kB
TheGuySite - TGS332 - Guess Who - Johnny.wmv.0004.jpg 89.61 kB
TheGuySite - TGS332 - Guess Who - Johnny.wmv.0006.jpg 118.28 kB
TheGuySite - TGS332 - Guess Who - Johnny.wmv.jpg 354.06 kB

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