♺ A Rising Star - Ridgeline (Jason Ridge , Roman Heart & Matt Cole)

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Starring Roman Heart, Jason Ridge, Blu Kennedy, Matt Cole, Andrew Justice, Joe Strong, and Rob Romoni in a non-sexual role.
Directed by Dylan Ryan.
A Ridgeline Films / Pacific Sun DVD.

Highly Recommended

2-Disc Set.

A Rising Star" is the debut picture from Jason Ridge's Ridgeline Films, but it's a great show of humility that he uses the word "rising" rather than "risen." A longtime vet with an exciting resume of awesome scenes behind him, he handles this plot-drenched opus beautifully, firmly establishing this company as an instant player when he could be resting on his considerable laurels. Jason himself is all glamour, and the film, written and directed by Dylan Ryan, follows suit. The production values are high, but the sex even higher. With a very strong cast assembled, "A Rising Star" should be making a lot of things rise besides stars.

World-famous matinee idol Jason Ridge is driving to Palm Springs, an outing for this giant celebrity nipping at his heels. Jason is convinced the rumors are not organic, but rather sabotage so he can be kicked to the curb in violation of a morals clause. What he doesn't know is that his pal Roman Heart is part of the conspiracy, telling an unknown villain on the phone he'll provide absolute proof of Jason's sexuality.

Jason's car is on the fritz, so mechanic Matt Cole is called, assumed to be a player in this trickery by Roman. Matt is actually a mechanic, noting "what a strange and peculiar house" this is, not at all understanding Roman's instructions to get pictures of Jason naked. In the garage, Matt finds houseboy Joe Strong, a beefy shaved-headed tattooed guy, an idea playmate massive Matt, the ultra-muscular brunet sexpot. Whether it pertains to the nefarious plans or not, Matt is eager to have sex with Joe, so he falls to his knees and blows Joe's very long curved uncut cock. Matt sucks with absolute abandon, and the stark white set, purposely over-lit, highlights just the performers. Matt's tongue slides up and down the dick, including the balls, and back again, over and over in this engaging blowjob. The limber sucker then throws a leg up on the car so Joe can eat his ass, a task the latter does with ginger glee. Matt is virtually hairless in this movie, so Joe's tongue can slither all over the place near his hole, making it wet and fuckable. Matt's overgrown cock deserves sucking as well, so Matt whips around and has Joe take care of that. But, Matt seems to like that leg-up position on the car, so he does it again and this time Joe gets to fuck him. Joe may not have Matt's effortless �lan, but boy is he a strong top! Knowing his bottom is big enough to take anything, he gives him everything in an unyielding series of deep penetrating thrusts. Joe returns to munching and fingering Matt's hole to get Matt to cum and then Joe shoots right on the same spot. Trying out the car radio after sex, Matt and Joe hear about Jason's problems, and Joe wanly says, "I should go warn Mr. Ridge."

Next to arrive is messenger Andrew Justice, a good looking strapper. Finding Jason sunning himself at the pool, flirty Jason decides to make changes to the delivered script while Andrew waits. Coy, huh? Dim bulb Andrew takes his shirt off when Jason remarks on how hot it is, his own boner growing in his impossibly tight swimsuit. Jason has never looked better than he does here. He is back to his trim self, abundantly muscled, but so superbly handsome that he's totally believable as a mainstream movie star. Jason, his cock popping out of the trunks, has cutie Andrew put oil on him, the hills in the background offering no competition for this hot couple. By the time Jason has removed his swimsuit, I'm not sure if Andrew still has much idea of Jason's seduction, but it doesn't take him long to grab for Jason's dick. While he jacks it, he licks his lips. From there, he knows exactly what is expected of him. Andrew wraps one hand around Jason's dick and dives down for a head-snapping blowjob. Andrew is all energy here, his corkscrewing hand aid for his winning mouth, not compensation for anything less. Jason plays his part of leading man to the hilt, watching the sucking with pleasure as he is worshipped fully. Andrew sucks for a long time before they actually make out in a more mutual display of affection and then Jason is free to blow Andrew. Ever the pro, Jason is alternately feisty and sensual, making Andrew's dick grow into a scary curved piece that suddenly dominates the scene. Jason's blowjob has Andrew spraying a giant load all over Jason's smooth chest and face before Jason cums.

Roman arrives back at the house, too late to have witnessed Jason's romp with the messenger but the rest of the household is onto him by now. Joe tells Marcos David, who spies on Roman telling his still-anonymous phone friend that he'll set up a hidden camera to catch Jason in the act. Actually, it turns out Andrew isn't gone, merely in the glass shower, giving himself the opportunity to play solo, showing off that humongous cock again, as the water cascades all over his body. Luckily, he hasn't finished himself off when Jason arrives, no doubt eager to continue what they started by the pool. With the water still running, Jason blows Andrew again, working that bigness with all of his talent. That, coupled with Andrew's face-fucking, make this sucking a lively affair. Andrew returns to sucking Jason, back to his whiplash style and helpful hand, not losing any of his desire. After these two rounds of long-lasting blowjobs that could easily be complete scenes on their own, Andrew finally parks his ass on Jason's cock and they start fucking (amusingly, we find that Jason keeps condoms in the shower � this guy doesn't like to waste time!). Andrew rides with the same vivacity he's continually displayed, bouncing up and down with terrifying power. His cock swings around, threatening to break the camera lens that comes near it. These two simply can't get enough of each other, so Andrew fucks Jason. Jason's heavenly ass always looks so mouthwatering with a cock in it, but knowing that Andrew's curved monster is all the way in there is so impressive. And, Andrew doesn't let up on the power now that he's topping. He's either possessed or loaded up on Red Bull, because he shows no signs of ever tiring as he slams harder and harder into Jason, pushed against the shower tiles, threatening to break them off the wall! They also do it missionary on the shower floor (this is Palm Springs, of course showers are big enough for full missionary sex), and Andrew uses those thick thighs to continue his raging assault.

Marcos, an adorable muscular Latin with a sense of fun to him, interrupts the fuck to tell Jason about Roman's plan, but instead of this stopping the sexual workout, Marcos is simply added to it. While he blows Jason, Andrew fucks him. Andrew doesn't tone down his zest for this new bottom, slashing at him with mind-blowing rage. He sends his cock soaring into Marcos and then fucks him jackrabbit style, jiggling Marcos' body enough to make the blowjob tougher. Andrew finally shoots a load, because if he didn't, days and nights could be spent on this scene with the energy he seems to have. Jason isn't completely satisfied that Andrew has to dash off, but he decides to continue with just Marcos, whom he places on his back. Jason tops the very vocal Marcos with great style, and the camera shots up close show off just how hot Jason's ass is its clenches turn into thrusts. Digging deep into Marcos seems to be the ideal, because this fuck is also about getting all the way inside and then playing around in that spot. Editing be damned, this scene goes on a long time as Jason builds power to keep the scene soaring as easily as it did with Andrew in charge. Marcos cums and then encourages a shot from Jason before telling his boss about Roman's plans, despite a language barrier that is rather comical.

Jason calls gossip columnist Rob Romoni, who spills the beans on Roman, who wants to take Jason's movie role (if Roman is on the tape too, wouldn't that be the same violation of a morals clause Jason fears so much?). Knowing the plan, Jason goes ahead with the living room sex anyway. Having Jason Ridge and Roman Heart in the same scene had my libido in overdrive just as they were kissing. As hot as Jason is, Roman is right there with him. Eternally boyish, with those ice-blue eyes drawing focus, his smooth flawless body is a dream, one only out-done by his stunning fluffy ass. It's the equivalent of Pacino and DeNiro or Streep and Close sharing a long scene. But anyway, back in the scene, the two are making out with oodles of emotion. If that's because they know they are playing to the hidden camera, who the hell cares? The viewers watching only benefit more. The foreplay is hotter than the candles in the fireplace, but of course there's no problem going full-on hardcore. Jason spits on Roman's cock and then chases it with his mouth. More manageable than what Andrew was packing, Jason can really show off here, grabbing Roman's balls and settling in for a luscious sucking, full of long teasing licks and also gobbling greediness. It's a drooling blowjob, which only adds to its effectiveness. Then it's Roman's turn to reciprocate, inching his way down to the shag carpet to get to Jason's dick. Roman instantly settles on a deep-throat as his sucking weapon of choice, but also snapping the cock against Jason's chest and jacking it at full speed to keep Jason close to the verge at all times. Again, luxurious timing allows the scene to go on for a huge amount of time, but since the oral excitement never flags, there is no reason to truncate it. Jason has the pleasure of munching Roman's butt, wetting it enough to get a finger comfortably inserted. The hole is actually pretty tight, but Jason isn't mean with his fingering, going back to licking whenever Roman whimpers too much. Jason then slowly inches his inches into Roman, getting all the way inside and then cautiously working up speed. Roman is hard the whole time, and, when shot from underneath, Jason's adroit pacing is wonderfully notable. He's already done the animalistic sex thing with Andrew, so this scene has a different mood to it, almost approaching passion. The hole remains tight, but Jason keeps himself well-buried, the pretty boy factor of the scene undimmed. A picturesque sideways fuck on the rug allows them to kiss while fucking, and Jason now plays with some full in and out blasts that have Roman cooing. A forceful missionary/headstand combo fuck is their last position (which includes some toe sucking) before Roman sucks Jason, cumming himself before Jason pulls out of his mouth to shoot.

Jason has plans of his own to counter Roman, and invites redhead wonderboy Blu Kennedy over to fuck around with two of his staff members, loyal Marcos and Joe. Not knowing he's being set up, Roman films the action. Blu, showing off an impeccably tight body, gets to share Marcos' mouth with Joe as Marcos stretches wide to inhale their cocks. Marcos is well-chosen to devour two such impressive pieces, and he certainly gives it his all. The spitfire Marcos then gets Blu alone while Blu does Joe. Blu has the biggest piece here, and giving Marcos lots of time with it is an inspired idea. Of course, neither Blu nor Joe are oralists who can let down. Blu is full of youthful excitement when he sucks the other two. The three change positions quickly, allowing everyone to suck all of the dicks, Joe trying to steal the scene by deep-throating Blu. The fleet position changes have a real sense of orgiastic oomph to them, all three guys so hungry for dick. Blu is the first to have his ass played with when Joe rims him. That adorable alabaster butt is prime chowing quarters for Joe's lapping tongue and tickling goatee. Blu is then turned around so Marcos can eat his ass, giving Blu another chance to work on Joe's dark cock all by himself. Not wasting any time, the trio starts off with a man-in-the-middle fuck. Marcos is at the front, in the shallow end of the pool, with Blu in the middle, pounding him hard while Joe slides in and out of Blu with expert grace. Joe is strong and determined, but he lets Blu take charge of the pace so Blu can show off exquisitely in this position. Marcos hasn't topped anyone yet, but he proves himself a superb one when he does Blu (whose experienced ass makes anyone fucking it look like a champ). This excellent position gets all three guys to cum, looking as fresh as when they started!

I won't reveal the twist and turns that lead to the happy ending, but by this point, the plot should be well back in most minds as the top-notch sex rules "A Rising Star." Amazingly, each scene manages to top the previous one, a terrific feat, managed by a cast that sure as hell knows how to turn on their considerable power. If the movie is too long, that length is never unnecessary, merely icing on an already-lavish cake.

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