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DescriptionXTube is quite the wilderness of repetitive, badly shot selfie porn and the like. What it DOES have to offer is a good number of hidden gems with low production values but a high level of genuine nastiness that you can rarely find in pro porn. And if you like dudes who get nasty and verbal, Xtubehas some seriously good shit.

God I love nasty and verbal. What a turn on.

So here are 86 amateur videos of some of the best XTube pervs getting verbal with their bottoms. There are 8 featured studs and then a bunch of miscellany. You will doubtless find something to suit your palate. (There's a mix of bareback and condoms.)

And if you're a porn studio, please for the love of all that is horny, hire the anonymous dude I've labeled Verbal Porn Daddy here. He is the cream of the creamy crop when it comes to dishing out heaps of the tasty verbal sauce.
Your juices appreciated!
Enjoy! xox

BBItaliantop/Amazing BB Slut Indy-bbitalian.mp4 36.10 MB
BBItaliantop/Asian Bareback Whore in London Part 1- b.mp4 25.90 MB
BBItaliantop/Bareback Whore -Fan Of Mine- Indianapolis Part 4.mp4 5.75 MB
BBItaliantop/BBitaliantop.mp4 25.90 MB
BBItaliantop/Dirty Nasty Bareback Cuntn -Bbitaliantop.mp4 10.31 MB
BBItaliantop/Nasty Verbal Fuckstud + Holes 1-After Club Pigs 1.mp4 74.48 MB
BBItaliantop/Nasty Verbal Fuckstud + Holes 10-Hot Squeal Pig.mp4 46.49 MB
BBItaliantop/Nasty Verbal Fuckstud + Holes 12-After Club Pigs 3.mp4 48.12 MB
BBItaliantop/Nasty Verbal Fuckstud + Holes 2-After Club Pigs 2.mp4 154.01 MB
BBItaliantop/Nasty Verbal Fuckstud + Holes 3-Cock Suck Pig - Megamix.mp4 60.46 MB
BBItaliantop/Nasty Verbal Fuckstud + Holes 4-Four Greedy Pigs.mp4 153.58 MB
BBItaliantop/Nasty Verbal Fuckstud + Holes 9-Blond Twink Suckpig.mp4 48.36 MB
BBItaliantop/nasty verbal raw fuck.mp4 23.17 MB
BBItaliantop/Pink Panties.mp4 11.03 MB
Jmyster/20yr old sub- jmyster713.mp4 91.51 MB
Jmyster/21yr Sub Twink- jmyster713.mp4 98.13 MB
Jmyster/Cum Slut-jmyster713.mp4 25.27 MB
Jmyster/Slave_Jock- jmyster713.mp4 68.73 MB
Jmyster/Smooth 21yr old sub- jmyster713.mp4 33.55 MB
Jmyster/Twink Beautiful- jmyster713.mp4 148.34 MB
Mega verga/Bareback-n-Cum (94).flv 7.10 MB
Mega verga/Black Master Impales Me on His 12_ Cock-.mp4 15.93 MB
Mega verga/Gettin dug-BigBootyRudy1.mp4 11.02 MB
Mega verga/Long doggy verbal.flv 7.11 MB
Mega verga/Mega verga-seventeenxboy 2.mp4 68.64 MB
Mega verga/sexy- sexceb.mp4 8.90 MB
Pervy Top Daddy/Aggressive Verbal Daddy.flv 6.02 MB
Pervy Top Daddy/dadVSjock.mp4 3.90 MB
Pervy Top Daddy/fuck h.mp4 12.37 MB
Pervy Top Daddy/hot callie bitch.mp4 6.21 MB
Pervy Top Daddy/sex I.mp4 7.18 MB
Pervy Top Daddy/sex II.mp4 5.51 MB
Pervy Top Daddy/show me how it eats.mp4 28.32 MB
Pervy Top Daddy/this bitch has skills__.mp4 8.57 MB
Pervy Top Daddy/Verbal Perv 2.mp4 18.99 MB
Pervy Top Daddy/Want some more dick.mp4 4.50 MB
rocknow26/5_5_, 120, twink gets Fucked___- rocknow.mp4 43.35 MB
rocknow26/Twink gets worked over- rocknow26.mp4 48.07 MB
rocknow26/Twink Punished + fucked 1-rocknow26.mp4 55.47 MB
rocknow26/Twink Punished + fucked 2-rocknow26.mp4 17.64 MB
Sereen/Athletic Alpha Master boy breed his faggot pussyboy RAW-XT.mp4 31.00 MB
Sereen/breeding cream cum pie, multi orgasmic sereen breeds 5 loads.mp4 15.90 MB
Sereen/Iphone5 breeding and feeding a pussyboy mutli orgasmic-XTu.mp4 13.38 MB
Sereen/Verbal Twink Creampie.flv 8.52 MB
souffeasthoe/Bubble Booty ( Pink N Juicy) Pt 1- souff.mp4 21.35 MB
souffeasthoe/Bubble Butt Deep Fucking_- souffeasthoe.mp4 39.49 MB
souffeasthoe/My New Boipussi_- souffeasthoe.mp4 21.53 MB
souffeasthoe/Phat Bubble Ass Fucking_- souffeasthoe.mp4 22.99 MB
souffeasthoe/White Boi Got Azz (THE END)- souffeastho.mp4 22.57 MB
souffeasthoe/White Boi Got Azz PT 1- souffeasthoe.mp4 54.24 MB
souffeasthoe/White Boi Got Azz PT 2- souffeasthoe.mp4 53.06 MB
TopDawgFL/Asian boy ass fucked raw.mp4 104.79 MB
TopDawgFL/Interracial Raw Fuck-Cuban Bottom First Black CockTube.mp4 107.39 MB
TopDawgFL/Interracial Raw Fuck-TopDawg Fucks White DILF (Part 1).mp4 18.45 MB
TopDawgFL/Interracial Raw Fuck-TopDawg Fucks White DILF (Part 2).mp4 100.57 MB
TopDawgFL/Interracial Raw Fuck-TopDawg Fucks White DILF (Part 3).mp4 55.28 MB
TopDawgFL/Interracial Raw Fuck-TopDawg Fucks White JockTuben.mp4 146.28 MB
TopDawgFL/Repair Man Fucked Raw-TopDawgFL.mp4 93.67 MB
TopDawgFL/TopDog pounding White Muscle Bottom Part 1.mp4 11.45 MB
TopDawgFL/TopDog pounding White Muscle Bottom Part 2.mp4 21.69 MB
TopDawgFL/TopDog pounding White Muscle Bottom Part 3.mp4 34.72 MB
TopDawgFL/ToppDawgFLL + Young Latino.mp4 157.51 MB
VARIOUS/A good fuck 2-Toro_21cm.mp4 11.99 MB
VARIOUS/A good fuck- Toro_21cm.mp4 14.42 MB
VARIOUS/Aggressive doggie bed.mp4 116.84 MB
VARIOUS/Beefy buttfucker.mp4 23.23 MB
VARIOUS/bubble butt takes it in the rear by hung dick-.mp4 8.13 MB
VARIOUS/deep drill _ cum- HotguyUK25.mp4 26.64 MB
VARIOUS/Fill me twice- dream90.mp4 23.28 MB
VARIOUS/Fucked Open- hungblkmaster76.mp4 11.59 MB
VARIOUS/Fucking a slutty bottom boy part 5- hung.mp4 43.86 MB
VARIOUS/Fucking a smooth slutty bottom boy and cumming in him-XTub copy.mp4 36.62 MB
VARIOUS/Leopard Print.mp4 69.49 MB
VARIOUS/Londontop Using Him.mp4 5.35 MB
VARIOUS/More Black Cock Up My Ass Bareback- fire.flv 30.07 MB
VARIOUS/nighttime fucking - taking a thick dick bb-id.mp4 41.62 MB
VARIOUS/Rabamrabi + Fan.mp4 2.39 MB
VARIOUS/Raw sloppy hole- Hungjoeysmith.mp4 10.70 MB
VARIOUS/Redpanty doggie pussy.mp4 55.43 MB
VARIOUS/Session 40- CARALHO2009.mp4 7.66 MB
VARIOUS/Slamming Verbal.flv 1.82 MB
VARIOUS/Thick Verbal Daddy-rondiego9x6.mp4 23.42 MB
VARIOUS/Twink + Black BF.mp4 36.93 MB
VARIOUS/Verbal big daddy JO.flv 5.87 MB
VARIOUS/Verbal POV.mp4 7.31 MB
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