Forced To Masturbate - Mind Control Makes Hero Jerk Himself Off

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DescriptionStill captured and in the hands of the Scorpion Syndicate - Monarch undergoes a series of bizarre tests. Needing to test him so that they may move forward with their Guardian Project, Monarch is subjected to Mind Control experimentation. He awakens, having been stripped naked, finding himself nude on the floor of his prison/torture cell - his costume beside him. The command center orders him to put on his uniform, and Monarch quickly dresses into costume - at that point, the mind control experimentation begins and he is tested to see whether he will comply with the cerebral waves and pleasure himself in front of the cameras. Monarch resists - far longer than a normal human - fighting with all his might to keep from complying with their perverted demands. He collapses to the ground, the powerful brain waves pounding him - as he arches and writhes in bitter agony, but finally, he can't hold out and begins stroking himself. His cock grows inside his tights as he can't resist, his body squirming at the pleasure. Wet spots begin to peak through his uniform, his body and mind betraying him - as his captors look on in delight. Finally, Monarch explodes inside his skin tight white suit - his gizz spewing out - pouring through the suit as he bucks wildly from the orgasm he has given himself. Shamed, he lays totally humiliated, gripping his throbbing cock as his cum soaked costume provides testament to his ultimate humiliation as the cameras zoom on the defeated and defiled hero's semen soaked suit.
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