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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-01-24 |

Title: Bedtime Stories, The Littlest Marine
Distributor Miami Studios Twink USA
released 2005
length - 01:55:07
Location: U.S. 
Language: English 
Body types: Twink 
Cast credits:
Corey Peters 
Gabriel (ms) 
Gus Ramirez 
Noah Shepherd 
Ryan Daniel 
Scott Kurzwell 

Description source: promotional material
Bed Time Stories: The Littlest Marine introduces four models you'll see nowhere else. Blond blue eyed and buff sailors Scott Kurzweil and Ryan Daniel heat up their partners in steamy scenes of heavy oral action and serious fucking, with astounding cumshots! Blue eyed sailor Danny Smith works his way out of his skin tight dress whites and launches his own cruise missile with a super sticky pay load. Newcomer marine twink Corey Peters will get you doing some close order drill you won't write Mom about! Teen marine dream Gus Ramirez joins the list of several studs in this dvd that shoot over their own heads in spectacular cumshots you have to see to believe. Just to round things off, Noah teaches Gabriel a thing or two about corporal punishment that he didn't learn in basic training!

Scenes /

1. Corey Peters solo:
A VERY special young man, only 18 and fresh from his marine school, this 5'5 120 pound military twink comes to you ONLY in miamistudios "M" series of military videos. Watch this hot young recruit strip down to dog tags and combat boots, and work a huge silver vibrator ALL the way, deep deep inside his love hole, moaning in ecstasy as every inch is filled with that stiff silver shaft.
Flawless camera framing, a beautifully sun drenched California home, and a spectacular twink, straining every carefully honed marine muscle and amazing ass work, all cum's together to bring you a never ending cum shot, with this young recruit spraying fountains everywhere, until he finally collapses exhausted, you will be too!!

2. Scott Kurzwell OrgAb, Gus Ramirez:
Who works better in close quarters then the Navy and Marines? For proof, look no further than Gus Ramirez 19, and Scott Kurzweil, 21. These two strip each other out of uniform down to caps and dog tags for unbelievable two way oral action! Watch these two deep throat each other, hungry for every inch of man meat their eager mouths can hold!! Blond haired Blue eyed Scott works his super F A T cock as Gus pounds his smooth tight sailor's ass, lunging forward in a lust filled fuck fest too hot to believe!! GRAPHIC hard core penetration of two hot young studs with great close up showing you why these two boys blow incredible wads all over each other!! Remember Scott is exclusive and seen only on our "M" series military videos so don't miss him!!

3. Noah Shepherd OrgAt, Gabriel:
Squad leader Noah Shepherd goes over young Private Gabriel's uniform and finds problems. But before you can say "oops!", Gabe is on his knees sucking the young stud corporal's cock like a real master!! Check the amazing pretty boy faces and amazing bods, huge cocks and flawless asses on these boys as Gabe gets ROCK HARD just sucking down Noah's tool!! Soon this Marine dream team has stripped to white hats and dog tags and Noah shows us the meaning of "Corporal Punishment". Bent over the bed, Gabes ass gets spanked beat red by the hot naked Corporal!! But watch his face. The boy eats up every last smack on his firm perfect ass till glows red and clearly wants so much more!! Finally, legs in the air (great shots for our foot fans), Noah shoves all 8 hard fat inches deep in Gabe's eager waiting ass. Pounding for all it's worth. They do it doggie style too, until, straddling Gabe's ripped Marine abs, he lets it fly! Painting Gabe's flat tummy white with juice!! Special Bonus! Check out the asses on both of these stud muffins as they head to the showers!!

4. Ryan Daniel OgAt, Corey Peters:
Now the Navy's turn to top! (We don't play favorites, but you can !!) Blond buff Ryan Daniel, 21 5'10 and 150 swimmer pounds, plays hard (but not hard) to get with his own littlest marine, Corey Peters! The uniforms go flying as these two military studs settle in for some close order drill on each other's hot tools! Watch their faces as each gets super hot head from his partner. The beauty of buff blond Ryan, on his knees before slender naked Corey gently massaging that twink cock with his mouth is just some of the best oral work ever shot!!
Corey's soon on his back, boots in the air, taking every inch of that stiff blond tool as Ryan slams up against that smooth boyish butt so hard that you can hear the balls slap against the ass with each thrust!! How hot do they get?? Corey blows a trememdous load ALL THE WAY up his smooth silky chest, past his head to land at the camera man's feet!! Ryan pull's out just in time to spray Corey's entire upper body in milky white juice! You'll swear you can smell the cum covering Corey's wet naked body as these two stagger upstairs for a long warm post-shoot shower... but be warned, after this scene, you'll need one too!!

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