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Elder Foster Appointment with the Mission President Part 2 (1080p)

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DescriptionBeing a Mormon missionary doesnÂ’t exempt you from all the temptations of sexual desire that everyone faces. Elder Foster is like any other 18 year old Mormon boy: full of powerful hormones, his sexual curiosity at a peak, and with the stamina to go at it for hours.

The Mormon Church has carefully built a reputation for clean living and temperance, but behind closed doors their hot young missionaries are playing out their desires for one another. Secretly, guiltily at first, but over time more flagrantly and more often.

Some days, Elder Foster thinks itÂ’s a miracle he gets out of the missionary apartment at all!

Mormon boys start by learning about their sexuality from each other. The older men who lead them are eager to initiate them into manhood and the highly secret order of the priesthood. As Mormon boys learn the true nature of the Mormon priesthood, they crave sex with each other and their handsome and well-endowed priesthood leadersÂ…constantly.

Only select, obedient boys are admitted, and they are sworn to secrecy. But once theyÂ’re out of the public eye, priesthood leadership pushes the limits with these boys, testing their obedience and their ability to take a pounding. And the boys love it.

Every sexual adventure with a priesthood leader is a further step into manhood. They are eager to obey, and they love to see the joy their submission brings to their leadersÂ’ faces.

Elder Foster is in the middle of his initiatory rites. His companion, Elder Miller had taken him to see Bishop Angus to learn about the True Order of the Priesthood. Fooling around with his companion had been great, but being mentored by a man heÂ’s looked up to since arriving in the mission field, that was incredible.

But all of this was new, and fairly disconcerting. And while on splits with Elder Peterson, he learned that the Mission President was aware of the sexual activity between several of the missionaries. Apparently Peterson and several other missionaries had confessed but werenÂ’t sent home.

Encouraged by this revelation, Elder Foster setup an appointment to meet privately with the Mission President.

This was the first time he was talking to President Wilcox about his true sexual urges. In no time — and hardly saying much at all — the President had him stripped naked with his legs in the air.

As the President worked over the boyÂ’s eager hole with his rock hard cock, Elder Foster let go of all remaining doubt and anxiety. This is where he was supposed to be. This was his calling. From this point forward he would obediently do whatever his priesthood leaders asked him to do.

The boyÂ’s dick throbs as his Mission President pushes into his tight hole. President Wilcox stretches Elder Foster open a little more with each thrust, and the boy tries not to touch himself. He is right on the edge and knows that any moment he might shoot his wad. But he wants to see the older man cum. Foster is sure those big balls are storing up a huge load of cum for him, and he wants his Mission President to breed every drop as deep inside him as possible.

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