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Leather Bound (director's cut) (2005)

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Descriptiondirector: Kristofer Weston
Starring: Arpad Miklos, Dean Phoenix, Demitri Banks, Gus Mattox, Jason Crew, Joey Milano, Matthew Green, Pierro Sias, Sam Shadon, Troy Punk

From ManNet
"LeatherBound" has the added advantage of absolute authenticity. Filmed exclusively at the famous Mr. S Leather in San Francisco ( http://Mr-S-Leather.com ), the flick is able to use the store and all it has to offer in terms of space, props and, most importantly, aura. There is a real feeling of leather fetish to the place and no matter what model enters the story, he manages to get caught up in the feeling and deliver the goods to the utmost. With crisp emotional direction by Kristofer Weston, this plight of the friends of leather beautifully straddles the line of appealing to fetishists and also those unaccustomed or uninvolved in leather. For the latter, the plotting shows that anyone, no matter his look or experience, can be drawn into the web (and no doubt chained up to it before long).
In that vein, Dean Phoenix, looking every bit the Abercrombie & Fitch model his shirt advertises, nervously goes into the store. The manager is tattooed slightly bearded superhunk Gus Mattox. Dean has never done anything with leather before and wants a pair of chaps. Gus suggests the butt-less variety with just a leather jock and sends him to the second floor to try on the new ensemble. "I'm sending you up a leather virgin. Have fun," he tells the second floor clerk.
Dean goes upstairs and strips down, having no problem figuring out the leather jock or the armband. Leather apron-clad Joey Milano, with gorgeous bright eyes and a flawlessly tight body, thinks Dean looks great. Joey, backed by thumping tense music, helps Dean with the chaps and just when everything is on, it has to come off with Joey paying appropriate homage to the leather and to Dean's body. However, Joey is the first to unleash his cock, hard and dripping with pre-cum. Dean gives it a ginger deep-throat, with the camera gamely following the men as two complete bodies rather than a mouth and a cock. Joey anchors himself on the floor to suck Dean's impossibly curved dick, which he does with immense talent and a backless throat. Even when Dean face-fucks him, Joey happily gags and continues. Dean returns to Joey, this time turning the suck into a livelier rimming, and Joey has the perfect ass for it: muscular and round and full, the kind that worthy tops could find in the dark. Dean sure fits that bill, so he fucks Joey, thrusting into him with agitated pent-up bursts. Still in his chaps, it's obvious the butt-less kind are so his style. With interesting editing (courtesy of the redoubtable Mr. Pam), Dean hops up on the table and fucks Joey sideways. Joey, the perfect calm bottom, lets Dean huff and puff at his ass until Dean is ready to cum, right on his chaps!
Gus, a self-professed "leather sex pig," convincingly does a great ad for the place and himself as he describes the special customer service. Gus shows the viewer Jason Crew, thin and intense, "hovering around the straightjackets." He puts him to at ease by helping him on with the piece. "It's totally comfortable ... you're going to be totally helpless," Gus warmly tells Jason. "Can you make it tighter?" Jason asks, much to Gus' approval, so he tightens it up. Blond stacked Troy Punk fits him with a mask and it's decided that Jason needs an in-store demo.
Jason is tied up and naked, except for the mask and jacket, as Troy and equally muscular Pierro Sias start playing with him. Troy works on Jason's long dick, with Pierro pushing his head into further action. Jason helps out with a jaunty face-fuck, though everything above his waist is unable to assist. Right at the beginning, the scene sets up the battle for domination. Is it the two rugged slabs of beef or the twink in the straightjacket? Pierro begins to get a little anxious for some action himself, so he grabs Troy's head and Troy is forced, ably, to sprint between the two dicks. There's a clever moment following when Troy strips down to his jock, bending over to lick around Pierro, but poking his ass at trussed-up Jason, who is in just enough range to tease Troy's ass with his hardness. Troy puts a condom on Jason and then backs himself up on the cock. Again, Jason proves that hip muscles are fundamentally all one really needs to top and gives Troy a most excellent fuck. It doesn't lack from Jason not being able to direct his focus, because when Troy needs that, he reaches back and does it himself. Pierro then takes Troy's place as the bottom. Troy undoes Jason's mask, because he seems desperate to kiss him instead of the mask, but this doesn't stop the increasingly angry fuck of Pierro. The big boys force Jason to sit so they can cum on him, which I guess means the jacket is sold now, because it's definitely stained. Before Jason can cum, the others leave, and it's left to Gus to help him. Jason is then back in the mask with his legs strung up, doing his one-of-a-kind self-fucking. Watching Jason do this is always a pleasure, because the contortion of his semi-hard cock is so unique. Understandably, it doesn't take him all that long to finally cum.
Gus is certain of his customers, especially the ones with a "certain look," knowing exactly what each one wants. Enormously muscled Demetri Banks looks like the type who knows exactly what he wants, even though his English is lacking. The international language of leather takes over and Gus helps him settle on a big dildo, which he's allowed to try-out on one of the employees. "Call me old-fashioned, but is there anything sexier than a Cuban holding a 14-inch dildo? I don't think so," Gus wonders.
Demetri's playboy is Slavic sweetie Matthew Green, so smooth and tight, this time all shackled up, his butt to the air, just waiting for someone like Demetri. Demetri starts Matthew off with a slow rimming and massage to the butthole. He blows Matthew as well, revealing a giant Prince Albert. Matthew is unlocked and proceeds to go apeshit on Demetri's body. Demetri tries his best to force Matthew down with his sheer weight, but Matthew is far too experienced to make it that easy for him. Matthew blows Demetri with total ease, but this scene isn't about oral niceties, so Demetri soon tears off to fucking Matthew. He does so with the full weight of his considerable body, but Matthew plants his limbs on the leather mattress and keeps rigid to make it harder for Demetri. Matthew pumps himself into a messy cum-shot all over his ringed dick, and then it's his turn to show off. Demetri comes at him with a gigantic dildo, able to slide it into Matthew with professional ease. The speed at which Matthew's ass inhales it is a thing of true beauty. It's then time for something thicker, but this slides up the chute just as miraculously. Matthew flips on his back and the dildos get bigger and thicker. And he keeps taking them to the base. "Oh, it's big!" he shouts as he sits himself fully on one so thick it should have a warning label. But, he races to the bottom of it like he did all the others.
At the end of the long day, it's time for Gus to close up and have some fun with his caged puppy Sam Shadon, another lickable hairy bodybuilder type. Gus first pees for him and puts it in his water bowl, but then uncages Sam to tie him to a ladder. Right at that moment, Arpad Miklos, bursting out of leather pants and a leather jacket, comes to the store. Gus is so confident that he will want to play with them, he locks the door behind Arpad. "That's my boy," Gus proudly coos when Arpad dashes over to Sam.
The scene is like the attack of the hairy he-men, all three so fucking hunky and solid. I tried to guess their combined weight of pure muscle, but my circuits went into overload. After some initial touching and kissing, Sam dutifully deep-throats Gus' cock, moving his lips an inch at a time until it's all in (he doesn't have use of his hands). Still partially tied up, he can't undo Arpad's leather pants, which are so tight they would have to be scraped off anyway, but he sucks through the leather until Arpad flops out his boner. Devoted Sam sucks the men together, a nice feat with no hands. He's even able to deep-throat Arpad's wicked uncut piece. Gus fucks Sam with immediate speed, Arpad still enjoying a blowjob from the manly pup. Gus is supremely confident here, very powerful and completely in charge. Sam, both ends full of cock, remains completely silent, playing his part of slave to the hilt. That can't be easy given the fuck he's receiving. The men switch places and Arpad reaches the vigorous bar Gus set for him. Sam is flipped over and Gus takes him again with no decrease in energy. Arpad gets a second run at Sam as well, one so good it gets Gus to cum. Arpad's potent flow of lava is so impressive it is deservedly shown twice.
When I think of leather flicks, I don't necessarily think of sumptuous production values, but "LeatherBound" has those dripping from the hot leather. But, leather is the thing here and the mood of the piggish masculine sex is never destroyed. A few different types of men wander through, but they all act sexually base when captivated by the mood of the store and its toys.
DVD features: Chapters; special features (additional footage of Jason Crew's self-fucking; Matthew Green's dildo play; and Gus Mattox's urine exploits); galleries; trailers ("Muscle Up!," "BuckleRoos," "Couples II: More COLT Men on the Make," "Reload," "Big 'N Plenty, "Hog: The Leather File" and "Minute Man 22"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
A DVD Review by Brent Blue

From GayVideoDad

I realized long ago that not every video/DVD was for everyone. That said, this DVD from Buckshot is going to greatly appeal to guys into leather/fetish and also to those wjo are curious. Gone are the usual crappy sets and no-name performers. Instead, familiar porn stars filmed in an actual leather goods store in San Francisco will help the leather virgins be more comfortable while at the same time satisfying the tastes of those more initiated with the topic. Director Kristofer Weston does an outstanding job of incorporating the leather and fetishes into the scenes and making them incredibly erotic, not just mechanical or window dressing.
Gus Mattox stars as the store manager and narrator of the DVD. Not only is he incredibly sexy and charming, but he's a great actor too. The verbal exchange between Mattox and shopper Dean Phoenix is hilarious, especially when Phoenix is a little freaked out by the ball-gagged slave in the cage in the middle of the store. "Don't worry, he can't bite," is Mattox's response before helping a self-conscious Phoenix find a pair of leather chaps for an upcoming gay event. Phoenix isn't sure he can pull off the look of leather chaps and jockstrap, so Mattox has him go upstairs and try them on. Believe me, he pulls it off!
Phoenix is busy admiring his hot body in the mirror when fitting room expert Joey Milano approaches. While fitting Phoenix for his chaps, the two get into a lip lock and a muscular make-out session starts. Milano has a great smooth, muscular body and a gorgeous long dick to match. Phoenix munches on Milano's well built pecs and nips before dropping to his knees and swallowing his uncut boner. Phoenix is such a great top, you forget how versatile he is, but it really shows in this scene. Milano is soon getting face-fucked while Phoenix is still in his chaps, driving his long, uncut cock hard into the employee's waiting mouth. They switch on and off, taking turns at slurping on each other's boners. The hottest image is when Milano is standing there, hands pinned behind his back by Phoenix and his pecs stand out so firm and hard while he's getting his rod worked and can't move. Very hot! Eventually, Milano ends up on a table, leather boots up in the air and Phoenix chowing down on his hole. Nothing like smacking a guy in the forehead with your uncut cock while he's tongue fucking your bubble ass! Phoenix slides his bone into that spit soaked hole and starts plowing away. Milano's ass gets a workout in a variety of positions before the two studs jackoff while kissing. It's a very hot scene.
Young Jason Crew moves into the big leagues in the next scene as a customer who ends up in a leather straightjacket and face mask. Employees Troy Punk and Pierro Sias help him "try it on" when they tie his constrained body to the inside of a huge cage. Well, everything is constrained except for his massive cock, which Punk takes care of with his mouth. Unable to move, Crew can only stand and struggle as his rod is worked over. Punk slides a condom on the oversized dong and backs onto it, fucking himself on the bound boy's rod. Crew thrusts and grunts as he fucks Punk and then Sias. The musclebound pair takes off Crew's mask in order to shoot their loads all over his face. Out of the jacket but back in the mask, Crew is tied up spread-eagle and then proceeds to shove his cock into his own asshole. It's enough to make him shoot his own load in the end.
Next up is hugely muscled Demetri Banks looking at gigantic Colt brand dildos. Mattox has him "test drive" it upstairs in the store's private dungeon, where bound boy Matthew Green is waiting to help out. Banks takes Green by his collar/chain and has the boy swallow his fat cock and rim him. Green's ass is mounted by the built Cuban, but then the real action starts up when Green's fucked hole is invaded by huge, greased-up dildos. Amazingly, he takes a few that are the same thickness as a quart of paint. The man will never eat solid foods again! This is the only scene that relies more on equipment and less on sex. Having so much dildo play and so little sucking and fucking takes away from the scene.
After hours, Mattox offers a bowl of piss to the slave, Sam Shadon, who's been in the cage in the store the whole time. Shadon is let out of the cage, but customer Arpad Miklos comes to the door. Mattox lets Miklos in the store, and soon all three guys are making out. Shadon gets on his knees and sucks on both their rods. Eventually, he's on all fours and taking Mattox up his ass while he chokes on Miklos in his throat. The top guys flip-flop and take turns riding Shadon's hole before they get him on his back and do it all over again. Everyone ends up shooting all over Shadon's furry bod before the three of them walk out of the store arm in arm.
Now, I have a feeling that the Director's Cut that I reviewed probably contains things (dildo scene, piss scene) that aren't in the regular edition. Either way, I'm sure that there is enough there for anyone who's interested in leather/fetish. Aside from an incredibly sexy cast, this DVD rocks because we get to know a little about the people and what makes them tick. Humanizing the fetishes makes them so much more interesting and erotic. On top of that, Mattox is great as a narrator who is part smart-ass, part salesman and totally hot!

- Ryan Williams
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