The ULTIMATE Wurstfilm Collection (37 films 42 files)

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DescriptionThis can replace another torrent on here which is missing nearly 10 of these titles

All of these films are released under Wurstfilm; but some of them have been distributed by Dark Room and/or Dark Alley XT (which is why you won't find ALL of these titles on their webpage)

All films/folders are represented by images - I grabbed them off of the Wurstfilm website and the other ones off of the AEBN site (notably the ones with English titles)

The films/scenes are labeled in their original German (if applicable) with the English translations (off the cover art or google translate)

Kellerloch and Schwanzsport are split up into Parts 1 and 2

Fuck Berlin: Hardcore Director's Cut - I could NOT find the entire film anywhere.  I was able to find FOUR of the five scenes from the film...
  It's missing Scene 4 featuring Max Schmal and Marc Van (Von) Nassau -
  Only a 30 second preview clip is floating around - if ANYONE can point me towards the full scene (of the full film for that matter) - please let me know!

This is also NOT a complete collection of Wurstfilm products -
  since their own website doesn't have some of these titles and since I found other titles elsewhere, I'm not sure how many more are floating out there.

I am certain that there are at least a handful of films that are not part of this collection:
Latin Fucks (Volumes 1-5)
but unlike the titles in this torrent, these seem to be a specialized sub-division of latino men - but without knowing how many are out there, I declined putting them as part of this torrent.

You should be able to download specific titles if you have most of these

I hope you enjoy, and please send thanks, comments, etc.

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