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Elder Larsen - Initiation (720p)

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DescriptionElder Larsen received a call on Sunday from his Mission President telling him to report to the temple immediately with his companion. No explanation was provided. Wasn’t the temple supposed to be closed on Sunday?

The two boys got in their car, and Larsen couldn’t help but be worried.

Over the past few weeks, Elder Larsen has undergone a transformation. Ever since he went in for his doctor’s visit and had a sexual encounter with the physician—a handsome doctor who also happens to be the stake president in his area—his sexual connections with other boys on the mission have been more frequent and more adventurous.

Just a few days ago, Elder Larsen had a mind-blowing threesome. The sexual experience involved fucking his hunky companion after pounding the tail off a cute greenie in their zone. They were on a “Work-over” with another Mormon missionary boy who had been quite obviously checking out both of them for several weeks.

All of this meant that his anxiety was at an all time high on the drive to the temple. Larsen was terrified, really, that the Mission President has heard about his sexual activity and he’ll be punished or worse…sent home.

Elder Larsen tried to hide his fear when he told his companion, Elder Isaacs, about the unplanned trip to the temple. For all the same reasons, Elder Isaacs felt anxious. Maybe more so because he was sensing from his senior companion that this could be quite serious.

For his part, the encounters Elder Isaacs has had with his companion have also been his very first forays into sex with other men, and his curiosity and desire to experiment are at an all time high.

When they arrive at the temple, they knock on the locked doors which slide open. Stepping inside, they’re greeted in the lobby by President Woodruff. The boys immediately feel more comfortable. After all, this is the priesthood leader who took their virginity.

The president wants to see Larsen alone in the initiatory, and asks Elder Isaacs to wait in the adjacent men’s waiting area. Isaacs is just as much in the dark as Larsen, but guesses right away that what the older man has planned involves sex.

As soon as they go into the room, Elder Isaacs gets as close as he can to the partition curtains of the initiatory to eavesdrop.

There’s talking at first. Elder Larsen is being considered for membership in a secret order within the priesthood. The conversation sends electric shocks of confirmation up and down Elder Isaac’s spine—from the top of his head, down to his toes.

After a while, the two fall silent. Sneaking a peek, Elder Isaacs sees the two sexy Mormon men, completely naked, having sex in the heart of the holy temple…

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