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Admirably sharp videography in five sweet twink scenes, with juicy rimming and cumming close-ups. The twinks look like creatures made of candy.

In pretty countryside, a pretty twink takes off his silly clothes and cavorts nude in a pond like something out of mythology. Then he lies down on the shore and daydreams of two other twinks having sex on a cot, both in their silly clothes! That's all right. They get rid of them. As they suck and rim, they sigh and moan charmingly and cheaply, like they've seen a lot of porn. The fucker cums on the fuckee, and then writhes his ass to inspire the fuckee to cum on it.

Cover couple: another doll, eating a sundae by a fountain, fantasizes two youths nude in a wading-pool, sucking each other in sparkling water, standing to lean against a vinyl-draped fence. One cums the chest of the other, who then cums the crack of his friend's peachy butt, and sensuously washes it.

Biking through the woods, a lovely youth meets a gangly one with eyebrow-studs who kisses him right away and leads him to a lakeside glen where he sucks Lovely's cock through underwear, then nude. A lanky voyeur only opens his pants to pump a fast load. Lovely abundantly cums Gangly's face and mouth, caresses Gangly while Gangly cums himself, then pisses profusely in the grass. They stroll into the lake at sunset, where Gangly rims Lovely in the water.

Then suddenly we're back on the cot from scene one with the fucker from scene one and a new, lean boyfriend with defined abs. Fucker licks Lean's asshole till he could fall into it, but, surprise, grinning Lean fucks Fucker doggie style! He cums Fucker's butt, Fucker cums his chest, they kiss like crazy.

A lone, skinny lad throws sticks in a river, then naps by it and imagines two skinny pretties in the wading-tub where they tangle legs while sucking long dicks, and one fucks the other. Fucker and fuckee spray their loads respectively on butt and breast.

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