Take It - Take Ten (1987) Falcon DVD

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DVD (iso) and mp4

Falcon Double Feature - Take It FVP037 - Take Ten FVP039

director Bill Clayton

Take It

Super-slurpy pre-condom stuff, including a nice "polish it off" spooge sucking, as well as a good threeway. Military fetishists and poolside jockey lovers will rejoice.

1. BEHIND THE BARN DOOR — David and Peter, studs in a barn...hot for each other...engulfing one another in action that shakes the rafters, sending each to heights beyond control...each erupts without touching himself!

2. DAMMIT — TAKE IT EASY — Michael and Philip, the famous duo . . . Peter, the incredible Brazilian guy, shows the strength of a bull...plunging flesh into flesh with a total disregard for pain.

3. IF YOU WANT IT, TAKE IT — A serviceman comes home hungry for his buddy that he must get it every which way.

Take Ten

Uniform fanatics, suit-n-tie fetishists, and those who prefer to fuck al fresco can unite in glee over this pre-condom Falcon loop collection.

4. TAKE TEN — easier said than done--but our lad takes it all--again and again.

5. USMC vs USN — Military challenges, as two servicemen explore their sexuality.

6. THREE IN A BARN — Massive muscles and massive dicks.

7. BLACK POWER — Black dominance prevails in a heavy physical game of sex.
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