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BG East Brit Bouts 14

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In Walks a Stranger

If anyone is the epitome of the BGEast studs on the other side of the Atlantic, it would be Ty Garrison. Ty is tall, curvaceous and solidly muscled'and lives for the mats. Pitting his skill and body against another hot stud gets his blood pumping and his dick hard'ever since he was a wee lad. For Ty a hot bout is the best foreplay. 'I'll take on any bloke,' he boasts, 'big or small. It gets me off.' He's been known to prowl the pubs looking to connect with another stud who 'gets it''or just intrigued by the idea. 'Some guys just like to be dominated, which is fine by me'but every once in a while you get lucky and find someone who gets off on a good scrap.' After a hard day's work, Ty put on tight jeans and went on a pub crawl, hoping to find a 'mate' ready to get down and dirty.

Chris Xaos was having a pint when Ty walked in. He couldn't help but knowingly smile when their eyes met. He recognized him immediately. 'You're Ty Garrison, he said, flashing a winning smile. "Always wanted to have a go at you.' Ty just nodded, a knowing smirk crossing his face. 'Tonight's your lucky night then, punk,' he whispered into Chris' ear. 'Pay your tab and follow me.' Ty whispered a running stream of taunts and threats into his ear'the kind of talk that made Chris' blood start pumping faster, goosebumps popped up on his arms, and his jeans got a little tighter in the front. 'Let's go then,' he said, standing up and standing close to Ty'close enough so they could feel each other's breath on their necks. And without another word, off they went.

Sock It To Me! - or, Ty Gets Tough!

The sexual tension is palpable as they enter shirtless into the mat room. They press their bodies into each other, and then Ty shoves Chris away. Chris just smiles, the excitement of facing his favorite BGEast star barely contained. But Ty wants more than just body contact, more than skin on skin, crotch on crotch, muscle on muscle. Ty wants a battle to see which is the better man, to push their desire to the limits through grappling. Ty attacks, taking Chris down to establish his mastery. But Chris is a scrapper too'and despite being more than a little starstruck, he holds his own against the sexy stud! Ty manages to dominate long enough to get the jeans off his foe'stripping him down to sexy white briefs revealing an amazing butt. So distracting that Chris strips Ty down to his own skimpy blues.

But while the briefs certainly catch our eye, it's the socks which become the focus of the fighters - in each others face, crotch, mouth and around each other's neck! The intense struggle rages on, holds held longer and becoming gradually more erotic as the two horny humpy studs continue to build their desire through mat magic and mastery of the other. Crotches start grinding against each other as their breath comes faster, and the grappling dance gradually turns into something else, an all out sexual mating dance of desire and lust. The briefs slowly get peeled, the two nude studs stand facing each other, their erections aching for release, it becomes apparent that in this contest there won't be a loser'
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