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I hate to say this, but Stephane Moussu has corralled such a drop-dead gorgeous group of Hungarian hunks for "Male Bar," that just watching them, at least for me, was as much a part of the fun as seeing the sex. These guys are so dripping with sex, perfect of body and handsome in such a way as to define the word. All of the action takes place in a well-appointed, not-too-crowded bar.
In the first scene, delicious tinted-blond bartender Adriano Lazzari, who has obviously never even seen a cheeseburger, let alone eat one, leaves his side of the bar to kiss and grope patron Jerry O'Connor, another sublime man with a flawless body. They kiss with wagging tongues and then Adriano sucks the fat uncut cock on his patron. They switch places for some equally good sucking from Jerry. The camera spends plenty of time in the right place, but it also spends oodles of time ogling the men involved, which is even nicer. Adriano gets to fuck the pillowy rounded rump on Jerry with forceful intent, his wiry muscular body working overtime to make it sexy and energetic. Adriano finally pulls out to cum on Jerry's ass and then beautiful Jerry gets to finish.
Over at a pool table, a shaved-headed thinnish guy, Jean-Paul Valens, and Claudio Antonelli, a wowing brunet with a stacked torso, stop playing pool and start kissing. This entices a third patron, Sylvio Pantera, a gorgeous black-haired sexbomb with tattoos, to whip off his shirt and get head. Claudio sucks Jean-Paul first and then does the same to Sylvio. He whips back and forth with total ease until Sylvio cums on his chest and departs. That leaves Claudio to suck Jean-Paul, going down nicely on the squat hooded dick. This nets a big cum-shot to Claudio's face and finally Claudio gets to pop.
The third scene finds luscious Rick Perry, the paragon of macho gymmed-up perfection, playing the slot machine until his partner, Laurent, a cute hairy guy with marks shaved into his sideburns, starts getting frisky on Rick's ear and neck. The game holds no allure compared to macking, so Rick refocuses and they strip down for something more hardcore. Lucky Rick and his monster long cock get the film's best blowjob. Laurent parks his hand on the base, toys with the head, releases his hand and then deep-throats for the rest of the time. Very impressive. Laurent then sits on the stool and lets Rick play with his ass until he's ready to fuck it. Rick's wonderfully simple delivery provides a most effective plowing, a slice right through Laurent's hairy cheeks. Missionary position then finds Rick speeding things up with excellent close-ups. Laurent then returns to his amazing blowing to get Rick to cum before shooting himself.
Every bar has a bathroom and two guys meet in there. Ted Colunga is a particularly strapping brunet with a cock thick enough to pass for an ear of corn. His new friend is Kevin Cage, a spikey-haired gorgeous guy with another of the story's truly special bodies. As they go at it back in the bar, a third, Clay Robson, a juicy youngish brunet, watches with the idea of getting in on the action. Kevin sucks Ted with a hungry blow as Clay gazes with such ferocity you'd think he were taking notes for the final exam. I guess he's prepared, for soon enough he joins Kevin on his knees bowing to Ted's huge cock. There is more than enough for them both to suck, and they do, an awesome job both sharing and alternating. Powerful Ted bottoms, first for Kevin, and look at his abs jingle as he fucks! He needs to do so little to achieve so much in terms of excellent topping because his muscles are that strong! It helps that Ted has an ass begging to be fucked, so tender and delicious. Clay takes over the fucking and does excellent work with Kevin standing behind him to nuzzle him attentively. This is a wildly sexy trio. Kevin can't contain himself and shoots just watching, followed by Clay moments later and finally Ted.
Still astounding, Jerry is back for the finale, playing a shoot-'em-up video game with Carlos Baxter. Just when you thought it was safe to roll your tongue back in your mouth, here comes Carlos, with a body that doesn't deserve to be contained by clothing and a face ready for a runway. Jerry moves away from the game and strips down to his smile, glowing pecs and rock-hard cock, so Carlos follows him and starts sucking. Carlos, tongue piercing in tow to help, gives Jerry's enormously thick cock a good head working, opening wide and working all that he can. He then rolls Jerry up and rims him (I've been waiting five scenes to see one of these stunning asses eaten!) before fingering him easily with three digits. Carlos then fucks Jerry, sizzling with a fast-paced eager fuck. He long cock all but melts into Jerry's divine ass, and his stamina is impressive. They sit side-by-side, gazing at each other's so-so handsome faces to cum.

Starring Adriano Lazzari, Jerry O'Connor (a.k.a. Robert Driveman, Jerry Zikes), Claudio Antonelli, Sylvio Pantera, Jean-Paul Valens, Rick Perry, Clay Robson, Kevin Cage, Ted Colunga (a.k.a. Giovanni Floretti, Fred Fele, Mike Huston), Carlos Baxter and Laurent.

101 min

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