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ChaosMen Solo Pack - Francisco, Kieran and Lincoln

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DescriptionChaosMen Solo Pack - Francisco, Kieran and Lincoln.

1. ChaosMen - Francisco Solo (Images 1-3);
Stats: 21, 5'9", 160, 8.5" Uncut;
Release date: April 6, 2015;
Video Number: 1563.

Francisco is a Bi guy. He seems pretty much split down the middle on which he likes. Though for the solo he watched straight porn, but he seems comfortable with both sexes. He is a furry guy too. His body hair is pretty thick, though his pubes were fairly trimmed. He has a long 8.5" uncut cock. He slides his foreskin up around his head with a firm grip.

He said he was not nervous to do the solo, but he does look around a bit while jerking. Turns out he was very close to cumming throughout most of the video. Which is nice because he has to slow down his jerking which gives us a nice look at his cock.

Francisco he has a very furry hole, and he does a great job spreading his cheeks so we can get a good look at it. His cum shot was quick too. I barely got out of frame as I was setting up. Dude was super ready to bust!

2. ChaosMen - Kieran Solo (Images 4-7);
Stats: 20, 5'11", 170, 7" Uncut;
Release date: May 11, 2015;
Video Number: 1582.

Kieran has been camming for about 6 months. A buddy of his decided to help him get more established in his burgeoning adult business. So his friend was kind of managing him, when his images got submitted to me. I had to pretty verify that I was legit with a video phone conference. He lives kind of local, so he and his buddies drove to Austin, checked out 6th street, and then came in on Sunday before they drove home. His two friends were really nice, but they didn't want to around when he did his solo, so they hung out on the front porch.

Kieran clearly had done photos before, so he was super easy to work with. Very easy to smile, and also very easy to get hard! He has left hooked, uncut cock, which has a decent amount of girth to it. Very natural in front of the camera, and you can tell he is used to watching himself do his thing for an audience. Kieran is very Metro sexual, and I was not really sure what team he played for until he picked his porn. Which was a lot of lady action. Am I bad for saying I was surprised? Well, the video he picked clearly worked, so I shouldn't be so quick to judge.

He was not overly interested in showing his ass, so I asked him to grind his cock into the couch so we could see some nice muscle-butt action. He took it literally, and fucks his cock between the couch cushions. I always forget that uncut guys can get away with this trick without any lube! Lucky! His load is strong and powerful, and over all, shooting this video was really a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning. He and his posse headed back home, and I am pretty sure he won't be back for an oral video. But ya never know! Maybe his cam followers can convince him!

3. ChaosMen - Lincoln Solo (Images 8-10);
Stats: 19, 5'5", 150, 7" Cut;
Release date: February 9, 2015;
Video Number: 1538.

Low Hanger Alert! Lincoln is another semi-local guy that popped on over to rub one off for us. You can tell by his interview he is a happy and gregarious type. Not shy in person or on camera! He had his pictures taken by a photographer who helped him get hard, so he figured he could likely do a solo and maybe get head.

At the time of writing, he still was debating the blow job. And now about those balls! Low hangers seem to be fairly rare, and boy does have some clackers on him! His cock is about 7 inches, but since his balls hang so low, you really see all of his bone from the front. He looks more like an 8 inch dude. He swings his balls around, and plays with them like he is rolling some dice.

Lincoln has a nice hole that he tentatively fingers. He says he has had girls give him a 'prostate massage' (in other words, he got his ass fingered!) so he is aware that his back door is also a source of enjoyment. Great cum shot on him, and he got his whole body blossoms red just as he is cumming! Like an explosion!
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