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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-12-10 |
2001, 82 min
Studio:  Pacific Sun Entertainment
Cast:  Justin Hill, Brian Redford, Derrick Halliwell, Corey Stevens, Sebastian, Anthony Townsend, Jay Davenport, Xavier Kaim, T.J.
Director:  Edward James

Scrub dem footsies and get out the pedicure kit: we're goin' digit divin'!
-Keeneye Reeves
Let there be shrimping! This foray into the foot-fetish market offers up nine twinkie farm boys, each with a hearty appetite for both cock and toe. Alas, if only the production values were as smooth as these tasty boys are… you’d be surprised how distracting jagged editing, over-exposed camerawork, muffled open-mic sound and repetitive techno-porn muzak can be, even in the midst of dangling cocks, nibbled toes and plugged butts.

The setting: some random farm in the Deep South. After a running dog barely misses getting run over by a pickup truck, we follow three topless twinks into the haystacks. Kneeling Xavier Kaim (let’s call him Generic Twink #1) is banging his chin against Generic Twink #2’s (Jay Davenport) swinging nuts while slurping on his wiener.

Soon, #2 is giving deep suck to #1’s big toe, while blonde punk boy T.J. (he sports a tattoo that reads "Einstein" on his left arm) sucks on #1’s half-stiffened wang. Somewhere off-camera, the dog starts barking. Einstein has his big digit double-sucked by both Generic Twink #1 and #2 while they kiss passionately, then they each take a foot for themselves.

With a whiplash edit, the three-way is downgraded to a two-way: Einstein is suddenly fucking #2 doggie style, but #1 is nowhere to be seen. He’s probably backstage, pondering the irony of Einstein’s tattoo juxtaposed with the apparent non-genius of his fucking #2 without a condom. Say what? Yes, our boy Einstein isn’t wrapped in latex. When Generic Twink #1 returns a few minutes later, he’s suddenly wearing a ballcap. Both GT’s beat off (only one blows a load), then #1 caresses Einstein’s hairy balls to coax him to spurt.

Outside, we meet Generic Twink #3 (Derrick Halliwell - as far as I can surmise, he’s not related to a certain ex-Spice Girl), who sports the film’s first fully visible hard-on, which is lovingly slurped on by Generic Twink #4 (Corey Stevens). On the flatbed of a pickup truck, they commence with the shrimping, the arch massaging and the nipple/toe action. Generic Twink #4 uses both feet to stroke off #3’s stiffy, and is rewarded with a sole-full of creamy ejaculate (judging from the drastic change in lighting and shadows in the background, it must’ve taken him a while to finally come).

Next, back in the stable, rusty blonde twink Justin Hill (he’s the one with the luscious Angelina Jolie lips) has his feet and cock serviced by meaty muscle hunk Brian Redford (as far as I can tell, he’s not kin to the aging matinee idol and Oscar-winning filmmaker). While atop a nearby saddle, Redford gets his lengthy curved apparatus deep-sucked by Hill, who sports an impressive pole himself. "Rusty" plows hunk-boy’s clamped feet and gushes a volcanic load all over his toes. After, he leans in to suck the freshly spurted piggies clean. Hunk-boy follows suit, spunking on the twink’s feet and then lapping every drop back up.

Next, we see frosted twink Sebastian posing bareback atop a mighty steed, wielding a hard, veiny cock ("Frosty" is, not the horse). Suddenly Frosty’s whisked up into the hayloft, where he’s being blown by Generic Twink #5 (Anthony Townsend). (No, I won’t make a quip about the sexually liberal front man for a certain classic rock band. Oops, too late.)

Though #5 sucks well, Frosty seems to be more preoccupied with something occurring off-camera. Suddenly, Frosty’s back on top of the horse, with #5’s mouth closed tight around his toes (Frosty’s, not the horse’s).

Cut to Frosty fucking #5 bent over piled bags of concrete mix, and then cut back to the edge of the hayloft for more fucking. Frosty eventually douses Generic Twink #5’s feet with a hefty wad of boy juice, and then #5 whacks himself off.

...And they all shrimped happily ever after.

Though technical contributions are lacking, foot fetishists will likely find the piggy-play toe-rific; those who don’t share a taste for shrimp will still find the suck-and-fuck action gush-worthy.
-Beef Stroganoff

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