BoyFun – Liam Rose and Ollie Barn – Don't Just Watch – FHD (1080p)

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Lonely little Liam Rose is missing out on some hot fun with his partner, but he doesn't have to look very far to find another friend more than a little ready to enjoy some tasty BoyFun with him.

Gorgeous Ollie Barn was watching from the bedroom door while Liam plays with his cock and fantasizes about his lover being there, but with the call ending he's soon making his play for that thick young dick.

Liam is quick to cheat, but then again we can understand why. Ollie is the kind of hot young thing we would all get our dicks out for and Liam isn't going to hesitate.

With plenty of kissing and groping the two are soon stripping down and taking the other's hard cock between their lips. The feast of oral these boys share might be enough to have most ready to spurt their seed in spectacular fashion but these buddies know how to take it all the way.

A little licking of Ollie's hot young hole is all it takes.

Liam slides his thick bareback twink meat between his plump and damp cheeks, filling up the boy from behind before giving the twink a thorough ride on his girthy dong.

The lonely boy isn't missing his lover too much by the time he's making Ollie splash his sperm all over his smooth and tight abs, and his partner is definitely far from his mind when his own cock is freed from Ollie's warm ass to squirt his own roped of ball juice over the bottom boy.

It turns out lonely Liam just needed to ask for some company and his desperate dick needs could have been met much sooner.

Duration: 20:18

Rel.: February 3, 2023
2023-05-25 02:58:49
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