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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-09-09 |
Factory Extreme's "Spit 'N' Fuck" is 1 hour and 51 minutes of some of the hottest spitting action you've ever seen. Director Viper delivers 4 scenes that will leave you salivating and wanting to spray it all over your favorite studs huge cock.

Tristan Phoenix gets out of the shower to find new comer Koby Nolan watching some porn while jacking off. Tristan gives him a hand, or rather a mouth, and helps our man out! Koby knows how to suck dick and proves this by sucking Tristan off. It's time to fuck though, with Tristan telling Koby what needs to be done to keep his ass happy. Koby slides his big cock into Tristan's ass and pounds away, giving it to him fast and hard. Tristan strokes himself off and cums all over his body, while Koby keeps on fucking his ass. Tristan puts his own cum in his mouth and spits it back out all over Koby, smearing it on his hard chest. Koby cums all over Tristan's cock, licking it up and spitting it back out all over Tristan.

New comers Dexter Owen and Dawson Denton unwind at home with some making out, which leaves their cocks hard and throbbing for attention. The two studs take turns sucking each other's dicks, showing each other that they know how to handle a hard cock. Dexter uses his spit as lube, getting Dawson's cock nice and wet. They swap spit, making it easier to take in every hard inch. Dexter bends Dawson over and begins to fuck his ass on the couch. Each pump is deep and hard, as Dexter pushes his cock inside. Dexter pulls out and strokes himself off on the couch next to Dawson, cumming all over his own body. They gather the cum up and spit it into each other's open eager mouths! Dawson needs to blow his loud though, and cums all over Dexter's dick and ass.

Blonde cuties and new comers Blake Holloway and Corey Stevens waste no time getting into the hot action, throwing each other on the leopard print bed while stripping off their clothes. They take turns sucking each other's dicks, using their spit as lube making it easier to swallow their huge cocks. Blake fucks Cory on the bed, pounding away at his tight ass while Cory plays with his own pierced dick. Blake cums all over Cory's tattooed arm, licking it up and spitting it back all over Cory's chest. Cory finishes himself off by stroking his hot cock hard, cumming all over himself.

Our last scene brings us hot couple Scout and Caleb Storm, who waste no time and get straight into spitting, exchanging as they make out. One things for sure, and that is that these two studs know how to suck dick! They spit on each other's cocks, sliding their mouths up and down, taking their dicks in deep. Caleb is first to start the fucking, pushing his large cock into Scout's ass. Scout needs to fuck though, and pounds Caleb's ass while he strokes his own dick. Caleb cums all over himself making a huge mess! Scout licks it up and then spits it back out all over his body. Our man Scout needs to jizz and he does so in his own mouth for an epic finish.

"Spit 'N' Fuck" will make your mouth water for a hot stud or cute twinks spit all over your sweaty body.

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