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♺ Men of Massive #16

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-01-11 |
2010, 90 min

Country:  US

Studio :  Massive Studio

Cast:  Ari Silvio, Berke Banks, Colby Keller, Ethan Roberts, Girth Brooks, Tom Wolfe

Director:  John Bruno

Scene 1
As for Colby Keller, no matter how many times we go to the well, we�ll never run dry. This hot stud is one of my favorite solo performers and his third session for Massive is just as titillating and provocative as his earlier scenes. It�s so exciting getting to watch a genuinely sexy man who exudes so much confidence; a real bohunk who enjoys his body and knows how to make masturbating thrilling not only for himself but for us. I find myself sitting slack-jawed and speechless as I fixate on killer Keller manhandling himself and his hefty equipment with such mastery. And the thick gooey payoff is worth it all.
Scene 2
Layin� back in a sling, his legs spread far apart, Ari Silvio makes a pretty picture inviting any and all interested parties to sample his wares. Luckily big stud Colby is on hand and the two take turns sucking cock and eating ass like the greedy pigs they are. As for Ari�s ass, that puckered hole gets drilled big time � first with a dildo to tease and then prep it, making it ready for the onslaught of Colby�s big pole.
Scene 3
Girth Brooks is a lil� bit country; but he�s here to rock�n�roll. What appealed to me most about this dude is his confidence and swagger. He knows he�s hot. He knows who his audience is. And he knows just how to tease. And when he pulls out that big whopper, letting it grow and stiffen in his firm grip; and those big bouncing balls � ahhh. And then when he rips off his shirt, threatens choking our throats and ripping and stretchin� our assholes with his veiny monstercock, he�s got us down on our knees � beggin� � beggin� � beggin� for mercy!
Scene 4
Ari Silvio is an insatiable bottom who finally found the perfect sex partner in big dicked Girth Brooks. Ari�s mouth began to water the second he saw Girth big fat package bulging out of his jeans. I asked Ari if he thought he could take Girth�s massive cock. Ari gave me a big ass grin and said �My hole is always up for a challenge�. Ari didn�t waste any time sucking down Girth�s huge rod. Soon Ari was begging Girth to pound his ass. Girth gives Ari the pounding of his life. This is one amazing scene. After the shoot Girth told me he has never had a co-star that wanted him so bad. I told Mr. Brooks that this was just the beginning of his career and he should get used to it. I have already had several power bottoms in the industry calling me and begging me to cast them with Girth. So I guess there is more Girth to come in near the future!
Scene 5
Tom Wolfe is a tough muthafucka and Ethan Roberts better beware! The muscled stud�s agenda is to ride roughshod over his dog-collared playtoy. He teases Ethan�s butt dragging a cold chain across the vulnerable cleft, wets it with spit then jams fingers inside. He spanks Ethan�s rump red then shoves a dildo inside the crack. Tom stretches the hole wide open to prep it for a more personalized intrusion: his big salami! Ethan tingles with excitement. With a big smirk, Tom fucks the shit outta his prey. Then he gives Ethan�s ass temporary respite and slams his rod down the young man�s gullet. Ethan sucks away obediently and tries deepthroating. He bathes Tom�s nuts with spit before he begins rimming his master�s hairy butthole. Tom�s face gets flushed as he bends forward getting his ass eaten out; then he straddles Ethan�s torso to jerk himself off and cum across his chest. Finally the big stud lets his happy submissive stroke himself to a reactive and equally thrilling climax.
Scene 6
This guy makes my teeth ache. I mean, you know you can always bank of big bearded bo-hunk Berke Banks because he will not disappoint. This solo shoot is quiet in mood, but it steadily grows in excitement. We sit and watch and wonder and wait � clenching our teeth in eager anticipation. Berke tickles his pickle, plays with his hairy ass, beats his meat some more until he finally lets it all go. Whew! All that expectation has been satisfied, all that tension relieved � and our mouths relax and grow slack, and we end up with a big grin.

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