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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-11-15 |
Ghostboy and Diablo: Together for the very first time!

It's been YEARS in the making! Ghostboy and Diablo have always had their eyes on each other, if not their hands. It took a special set of circumstances (which happened in BOYTOON ADVENTURES #1) to finally allow them to embrace each other, and now the ripples are spreading.

Peter AKA Ghostboy has a difficult day ahead of him. He's never come out to his mother, Sylvia Goldman, and today is the day he tells her the truth about himself.

Bruno AKA Diablo on the other hand has an equally difficult task to tell his wife, whom he truly loves, about the shift in his heart and feelings. He's realized he's gay and he's afraid that truth may tear his family apart.

Unfortunately for GB and Diablo, the only constant in the Class Comics universe is that nothing ever goes according to plan. Before either hero has the opportunity to speak with their loved ones chaos will erupt!

The Schoolgirl will ruin Diablo's Horny Devil Underwear launch. Ruthless thugs will show up at the Goldman residence. The evil Toro reveals his sinister intentions, and a mysterious character from Peters' past reappears to throw Ghostboy for a major loop!

Written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Jacob Mott, the winning team that brought us the fantastic NAKED JUSTICE: Beginnings series, GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1 is a MUST for any Class Comics fan.
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