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Colt Studio - Muscles In Leather

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DescriptionMuscles in Leather is an intoxicating combo that immediately stimulates all the senses. The look of thick muscles wrapped tight in leather chaps, boots, jockstraps and harnesses. Breathe in the scent of cigar smoke, sweat and well-worn leather. Hear the manly sounds of Colt Man hard-bodies pounding together in Colt man-on-man sex. Explore the dark spaces, the slings, chains and steel cages as you feel the heat of director Kristofer Weston's muscle-bound fetish fest Muscles in Leather.

In a dark dungeon play room, half-naked and leather-clad studs Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey share a cigar. Back and forth they exchange the sweet smoke, the intense eye contact and hot open mouthed exploration. Phillip takes a knee before muscle stud Spencer, lapping it up and breathing in the sweet musk of Spencer’s bugling leather jock. Ready to bust out, Spencer strips off his jock and lets it all hang out, giving Phillip something to truly worship; his thick swollen cock. Once he has Spencer’s cock throbbing, Phillip turns and spreads his ass open, giving Spencer an open invitation.

Spencer dives in on that hole with his tongue, lubing it up, probing it with his fingers and getting it ready and twitching for what comes next. Bending Phillip over, Spencer plows that ass, driving his cock deep and hard right from the start. Grabbing ahold of Phillip’s harness, Spencer thrusts his big cock to the hilt. Getting down and dirty Spencer lays back on the floor, his hard dick standing straight up inviting a hot ass to come sit on it. Taking his cue, Phillip gets up on top of it and drives his ass down on that thick meaty pole. Riding it hard Phillip jacks his aching cock until he explodes cum. Once Phillip drains his cock Spencer gets up and is urgently ready to blow. Gushing cum he drenches Phillip, jacking a thick creamy load directly in his face.

In a dimly lit play-room John Magnum enjoys the dark atmosphere as he strokes his hard cock. Decked in his leather chaps, a Y-Harness and with his thick cock in hand he is ready for some serious action. John attracts some hot company as muscled leather-man Casey William enters the room. Casey moves in and helps himself to a hearty mouthful of that ample meat swinging between John’s legs. Naked and rock-hard, Casey strokes his dick as he enjoys slurping on John’s big cock. Wanting more, John turns and gets down on all fours. Casey unfastens the ass-strap of John’s harness, revealing a hot man hole ready for some attention. Licking and probing, Casey makes that hot hole twitch and beg.

As Casey gets that tight butt all lubed up, his cock throbs, aching to split that ass apart. He slaps that hole with his cock before he slides it in. John takes every inch of that hot cock deep in his ass. From behind he takes it long and hard as Casey delivers a pounding. Wanting it deeper, John climbs up on top and rides that cock home. Jacking his oozing cock John shoots an explosive load, draining every last drop on Casey’s chest and face. Getting down on his knees John gets ready for his turn to take a load up close. Casey hammers his cock until cum starts to fly. Wave after wave of cum gushes as John takes Casey’s thick and massive load on the chest.

For Samuel Colt's first Colt Studio scene, he got decked up in head to toe leather and practically pounces on Nate Karlton. The air is filled with electricity as they lock together and press their muscular bodies against each other with a hungry abandon. Exploring the layers of Muscles in Leather, Nate finds his way beneath Samuel’s leather jock for a manly helping of cock. Samuel returns the favor and gets down on his knees; ripping off the studded leather cod-piece on Nate’s full body harness Samuel feeds on Nate’s hard and throbbing cock. The smell of leather is intoxicating as they explore each other with their open mouths, getting off on the feel of their hot muscled bodies against each other.

Seeing Samuel’s smooth ass in those leather chaps sets Nate’s cock on fire. Turning Samuel around Nate dives in and buries his face in Samuel’s hot round muscle butt. Pushing Samuel over and grabbing onto the back of his harness, Nate mounts that ass and fucks it hard. "C’mon... Gimme your cock... give it to me!" Samuel demands as Nate pounds him with everything that he's got. With that hard cock drilling his ass, Samuel lets out a manly groan as his load erupts, drenching himself in sweat and cum. And when every drop is drained Nate climbs up and drenches Samuel even more with his own cum. Covered in two massive loads, Samuel basks in the leather glow of the moment while Nate collapses on top of him.

Bent over, cuffed, and with his ass in the air, new meat Scott Carter is ready and waiting for a visit from a true leather top. A dark figure enters the room, clad head-to-toe in leather. Walking in and grabbing a handful of ass, leather top-man Kristian Alvarez makes his presence known. Grabbing the back of Scott's head, Kristian feeds Scott a face full of his leather bulge. Kristian lowers his leather pants, pulls his humungous, uncut cock out from his bulging leather jock and demands service on his terms. It’s a deep throated force feeding of monster meat for this willing and hungry cock sucker. From boots to balls, Scott dutifully services his leather master’s every command. And good service like this does not go unrewarded. Stripped naked and waiting the sling, Scott is ready for some hard anal punishment. Kristian inspects Scott's hungry hole as he strokes his throbbing cock.

With a wad of spit he wets his man tool and then drills it in. Scott grabs ahold of his ass cheeks and spreads ‘em wide to take every inch of his thick piece. Kristian power fucks that ass, driving it hard and without mercy like a well-tuned, big dicked top machine. With his balls ready to explode, Kristian sits back and makes his bottom ride his horse-hung cock home. Scott climbs up and grinds his ass all over that big juicy dick. Ready to shoot, Kristian stands up, forces Scott to his knees and strokes his thick, white load all over Scott’s face and chest. As the cum drips down his body, Scott unleashes his own nut busting load with a fury. Cum dripping everywhere, Kristian Alvarez walks away, leaving Scott to lap it all up all on his own."
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