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[TM] Battle Creek Breakdown

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DescriptionYou won't believe how good it feels to let it all hang out. Just ask the eager-to-please staff at the Battle Creek Ridge Lodge, where many surprises await the curious customers. From legendary director Joe Gage, Battle Creek Breakdown offers an unforgettable mix of heat and humor, led by Tony Buff, Dean Flynn, J.R. Matthews, Will Parker and Christopher Saint. Come inside and stay awhile... there's something special in the air.

When he checks into the Battle Creek Ridge Lodge, J.R. Matthews is met with a surprise: naked attendant Tony Buff, eager to be of service at the front desk of the "clothing optional" facility. The nervous customer needs some convincing to stay, but Buff pushes just the right buttons. After checking in, a naked Matthews wanders the woods, the breeze working up his boner. When he stumbles across Buff, the two stare at each other, their cocks throbbing in the air. Buff begins to tempt Matthews with some sultry dirty talk, encouraging him to play with himself. The tempter fingers his own pre-cum as the two get closer and stroke out their loads. After the two piss, Matthews bends over for a slurpy-ass-munching that warms up his hole for Buff's huge rod. After getting dicked from behind, Matthews sits down on Buff; the bottom's dick stays rock hard as he bounces, with Buff rubbing his body from behind. Buff then gets Matthews on his back, spitting down on his own dick before diving inside again. Matthews finally shoots on his chest — and Buff uses the cum as lube to stroke out his own big load.

The crew of popular show Homeowner's Rehab is hard at work on its latest project. But with a tight deadline, the pressure starts to get to boss Christopher Saint. He keeps a watchful eye over muscular carpenter Gio Forte, forcing the stud to piss in a bucket instead of going to the bathroom in an effort to save time. Saint also unzips to relieve himself, adding to the building tension as the two sneak peeks at each other before getting back to work. The sparks combust when the hairy Forte drops his overalls, his throbbing cock soon inside smooth and toned Saint's mouth. Spit drips down during the aggressive face fuck, and Forte returns the favor before the two jack off. Forte then turns Saint around, getting out some aggression as he fucks his boss from behind. The top develops a nice rhythm, causing Saint's own hard cock to throb up in excitement at the end of each deep thrust. Gio then gets on his back and offers his hairy hole, jacking off as he gets pounded. The two kiss and rub each other's chiseled chests, finally letting out their second round of cum — including another huge stream from Forte.

After their truck breaks down on a side road in the woods, plumbers Will Parker and David Dakota decide to walk to their next assignment — the lodge. Knowing they'll have to eventually shed their clothes, they get a head start and strip down as the heat gets to them. Both are instantly distracted by their throbbing cocks, which are soon engaged in spirited swordplay that has them both smiling. Parker drops to his knees, his own dick twitching as he sucks. Dakota blows his bud back as slurp sounds fill the air; after the two come, Dakota bends Parker over for round two, delivering a steady pounding that has the top getting more verbal. Dakota grabs on to Parker's waist and fucks faster, then gets on his back and offers his smooth hole. A great overhead shot captures Parker getting deep inside, his defined abs tightening as his groin gyrates. The top then whips out a dildo to fill Dakota some more, jacking off the hard bottom until he squirts. Parker then fires off another load, rubbing their cocks together in a memorable final shot.

While taking a break from the lodge's costume party, Zorro-clad Bryan Slater strikes up a conversation with superhero Dean Flynn — their playful banter piquing each other's curiosity. "You're a hard one, aren't you?" asks a confused Slater. "Sometimes," answers Flynn. "Wanna find out?" The two soon strip out of their costumes and relieve themselves over the porch's balcony. Their boners now at attention, they move in for a kiss. Slater succumbs to Super Dean's powers, dropping down to feast on the muscle hunk's cock. After stroking their dicks together, Flynn falls to his knees to feast — the camera capturing a low shot that shows off every detail of Slater's stunningly chiseled bod and huge cock, a truly unforgettable vision. Spit drips down during the slick suck — and Slater's rod bounces up in excitement when released from Flynn's mouth. The hero bends Slater over for a fuck, the bottom staying stiff as he gets rammed even faster. Slater then wants a crack at some ass, so Flynn sits down on his hung bud and starts to bounce. Slater then fucks Flynn from behind, another great shot showing off his remarkably defined build. The two squirt again, and Slater gets one final surprise to end the Super Fuck.

Cast:  J.R. Matthews, Dean Flynn, Christopher Saint, Tony Buff, Will Parker, Bryan Slater, David Dakota, Gio Forte, Patrick O'Connor

Director:  Joe Gage
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