AaronGiantXXX com Collection Part 1

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From the Uploader: This collection of videos from AaronGiantXXX.com has three parts, about 2 gigs each. If there is interest for Part 1, I will upload Parts 2 and 3, so definitely let me know!

Part 1: 5 videos
Part 2: 18 videos
Part 3: 25 videos

This collection is a mixture of solo scenes, duo scenes, oral/anal, working out, and smoking, and a little bondage-type stuff. I enjoyed most of them and since it seems the site is no longer updated, I figured I'd upload them here. Enjoy and seed!

Part 1 totals up to 1 hour, 49 minutes, 22 seconds and contains the following videos:

9 Inch Hung British Hunk Tony Vella
Aaron and Ken Part 1
Aaron and Ken Part 2
Aaron and Wayne Part 1
Aaron and Wayne Part 2

From AaronGiantXXX.com: "Hello there, my Name is Aaron Giant. I am a 37 years old Bodybuilder, born in Germany and spent big Parts of my Live in the US, mostly New York and Los Angeles, but also San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami.

I do enjoy the US because of the friendly and open minded People there, espacialy when it comes to bodybuilding. They all have big respect for a Bodybuilder and a Bodybuilders Livestyle."
2010-07-05 23:29:56
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