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33 videos from Forcebound.com, ripped on Nov.2015

Chained in a Basement part 1
Description: A man is chained up in a basement for an unknown period of time.  This video has some S/M play with a violet wand and other toys.  There is lots of bondage in this video, duct tape gagging, and S/M play, but no sexual content. The visuals of this video are really good.
Streaming Video  20 minutes

Chained in a Basement part 2
Description: Part 2.  A man is chained up in a basement and waits.  Another man comes in and changes his bondage position and then proceeds to do some impact play on him.  Like part one, this video has great visuals of the man in chains in a dirty basement.  The video ends when the chained up man is put into a very unique hog tie involving a concrete cinder block. 
Streaming Video  27 minutes

Cuffing Playpen
Description: Two hot men are kissing and cuddling.  Then some handcuffs come out and they start to play with them.  Ths is an erotic video with some sexual touching and play with handcuffs.  It is like watching foreplay.  Beautifully and artistically shot.
Streaming Video 15 minutes

Ever been Hogtied?
Description: This video features Micky Mackenzie getting hog tied by the forman of the ranch who has a fetish for putting guys in hog ties.  He shows the new cowhand a room where he has other cowhands already hogtied and invites Micky to try it too.  It is a silly plot, but some great hot bondage. This video has no sexual content.  It is not rated, I would give it a PG-13.
Streaming Video: 20 minutes

Punished by the Enemy Part 1
Description: This video features three exciting stress bondage positions. They were all done with chain and shackles. First the soldier is chained in the stall of a barn with his arms out and legs together like a crucifix.  The next two scenes are very tough as he is on his back with his legs spread and locked to the stall above him and his hands shackled as well. This soldier is in trouble.  This is not rated, but i would give it a PG-13.  There is no sexual content.
Streaming Video: 11.5 minutes

Punished by the Enemy Part 2
Description: Three scenes are in this video.  The soldier is in a cell with his legs and arms shackled through cinder blocks in a very unique position.  The soldier is in the standing position with his head trapped in a metal head cage that is suspended in a barn.  The soldier is spread eagle in the dirt with chains and shackles.  Dirty water is thrown onto him.  This video has some great visuals.
Streaming Video 11.5 minutes

Convict Intake
Description: Prison Series no. 1.  In this video, Micky becomes a convict.  He is photographed, strip searched and given an orange uniform.  He is placed in a cell by a sadistic correctional officer who promises to make his imprisonment a living hell.  Micky ends up in a chained up hog tie as a result of his attitude toward the guard.
Streaming Video:  21 minutes

Convict Tie Up Game
Description: Prison Series Number 2.  Micky has become a convict and the sadistic correctional officer is running some games for his own pleasure.  He puts Micky with another hot young convict and has them wrestle each other.  He wants one of them to end up all tied up with rope. But he has stacked the deck and knows who he wants to win the fight. This video has great action with muscle, sweat, wrestling, and struggling.
Streaming Video:14 minutes

Chain Fight Game
Description: Prison series no. 3.  The sadistic correctional officer puts convict Micky back with Billy for a game with chain and locks.  One of them will end up all locked up in the cell in chains. This video has great wrestling action, muscles and sweat.  It is not rated, but if I were to give it one myself I would say it was an "R". 
Streaming Video 6 minutes

Convict Chain Fight
Description: Prison Series no. 4. The evil warden has reduced Convict Micky into being an animal in a cage ready to wrestle other prisoners and restrain them in the sadistic games he creates. This video has some great scenes.  It has lots of chain, bondage, sweat, wrestling, and a crusty old Correctional officer you will love to hate. This video is not rated, but if I were giving it one I would give it an "R" for language, wrestling, and suggestive gay content.
Streaming Video: 25 minutes

New Inmate Gets Bagged
Description: Prison Series no. 5.  Convict Micky has been held by the sadistic correctional officer as an animal for so long that he is not become animalistic.  He corners a weaker prisoner in his cell and ties him up with duct tape as the inmate tries to resist.  Then he stuffs him in a canvas mail bag, locks him in and drags him into another room where he can have his way with him.  If I were rating this unrated video I would give it a strong "R" for language, wrestling violence, and gay suggestive inuendo.
Streaming Video:  8.5 minutes

Taken to the Barn for a Lesson
Description: Prison series no. 6.  The sadistic Correctional Officer takes convict Micky in the prison van on a trip out to the Nevada Desert.  He ties him up in a barn with his arms outstreatched an then gives him a lesson with a prison strap.  This has some great bondage and corporal punishment in it.  Watch for the out takes after the video.  Some of them are pretty funny. This video is not rated, but if I were rating it I would say it was an "R" for nudity from the back, language, and the prison strap. 
Streaming video: 14 minutes  

The Tables are Turned
Description: Prison Series no 7.  The sadistic correctional officer comes at convict Micky with a tazor and gets over powered by his prisoner.  He is chained down to the concrete floor, stripped naked, and then he is given his lesson by the convict in an act of rage and revenge.  The correctional officer's junk is locked into a device on the floor in an exciting scene filled with degredation and fun. This is an adult video.  It is the most severe one on this website. It contains nudity, graphic sexual content, degredation play, and wrestling. This was professionally shot with carefully choreographed stunts and camera so the actors would be safe.
Streaming Video  24 minutes

Final Episode
Description: Prison Seris no. 8.  In this story, the Warden gets his punishment from the now escaped former inmates who he used to try and control. Now they will get thier revenge in this very dark video with some over the top bondage in it.  The Correctional Officer is put in a prison uniform and taken out to the Nevada desert where he is tied up to an old chain link gate that is on the ground.  Then the inmates decide to hide the officer forever by burying him alive while he is still tied to the gate. This is a very intense video. It is for Adults only.  It has disturbing imagery. The video was shot with careful choreography and special effects.  What you are watching is not real.  The video was carefully edited to make it look like the actor was buried alive.  I assure you, he was not.  He is still alive and well as the owner of this website. Please do not try this stunt, as it is done with special effects and is not real.
Streaming Video  25 minutes  

Ready for Shipping
Description: Slave bind is prepared for shipping.  This video was shot at the Serious Bondage Institute in San Francisco, home of Seriousmalebondage.com.  The video contains some great bondage with a unique bondage device that locks his head in place, a very cool wooden storage crate with attatchements for chain. This video is not rated, but I would give it an "X". It is an adult video with frontal nudity and sexual touching.
Streaming Video: 18 Minutes

This Sucks
Description: In this video to show various clips of Bind in Bondage and doing some S/M play, the clips were edited together to tell a story about a prisoner who is being put through varioius punishments. Of course, we who enjoy bondage know it was just having fun. 
Streaming Video: 23 minutes

Give me the fucking launch code
Description: In this story, a soldier has found himself in the presence of the enemy.  The enemy gives him a rubber suit to wear.  He is then taken out of the cell and led down to a concrete bunker five stories underground.  He is locked into a one foot tall lie down cage in the locked cell so the enemy can try and get the launch codes from him. This is an adult video with frontal nudity. 
Streaming Video: 27 Minutes  

Psychotic Episode
Description: A young man comes in for a checkup with the doctor.  After telling him about his bondage dreams, two men in white strap him down to a locking emergency restraint chair. He is taken into an isolation cell.  He wakes up in it naked, and completely restrained to the bed with leather humane restraints.  An orderly comes in and taunts him as he struggles to be free.  It is hopeless.  this is an adult video with full frontal nudity.
Streaming Video:  14 minutes

Convicts Hate Snitches
Description: Two inmates in the County Jail gang up on another inmate because he snitched.  They manhandle him and shove him into a cage. then they shackle his hands and legs and taunt him.  This video is not rated but I would give it a PG-13 for its depiction of rage and for some adult language. Do not confuse this video with the Prison Series of videos.  It is a different story that is unrelated, but uses the same actors in different roles. This is a fictional story.  It is all just acting.
Streaming Video:  9 minutes

Officer Bind becomes a Prisoner
Description: This is a video that will reach into your darkest fanatsies. It starts out light as the Correctional Officer is horsing around by chaining up another officer. He gets caught by the Warden.  He is stripped of his duties and given a prison uniform to wear. As punishment he is suspended in the air in restraints. He is buried up to his neck.  He is taken in chains to a tattoo parlor and given a tattoo to mark him for life.  He is given a prison haircut. He is locked in chains in the small solitary confinement cell where he eventually goes insane. The video is not rated but I would give it an "R" for language and intense bondage. 
Streaming Video: 34 minutes  

Convict Hides at the Wrong House
Description: An escaped convict was going to be helped out by a man named Bill.  The problem is, the convict went to the right house number, but the wrong street.  The person lets the convict come in to wait for Bill who will never come.  While he is asleep the person ties up the convict.  He comes out all dressed up as a Leather Sir and punishes the convict with slappers, a meat tenderizer to the groin, nipple clamps, and clothspins.  The convict suffers as he realizes that he is at the wrong house. This video is not rated but I would give it a very strong "R".  There is no nudity, but the impact play to the covered groin area is still fairly graphic.  
Streaming Video:  20 minutes        

You have a Visitor
Description: A hot looking correctional officer tells the inmate that he has a visitor.  He is taken into an observation cell and two officers start to restrain him in a straitjacket.  He struggles to fight them off in this action packed bondage video.  Eventually they get him straped down to the restraint bed and he is gagged and left alone in the locked seclusion cell.  This video is not rated, but I would give it an "R" for language and wrestling action. No nudity or graphic sexual content. This is video is fiction.  
Streaming Video:  17 minutes  

Chained and locked in the Isolation Box
Description: A man stuck in rubber is chained into an isolation box.  He wears a gas mask with a hose for his air supply.  He is locked into the box as the prisoner crys for help.  This video was shot at seriousmalebondage.com of Sir Tim and Slave Bind and was a group effort to make. This video is not rated, but I would give it an "R" for wierd bondage content.  
Streaming Video: 6 minutes

Ridged Rope Tied
Description: A men gets tied down with nearly three hundred feet of rope to a bondage bed.  His legs are secured in wooden splints and his arms are tied to wooden boards as well.  The man is wearing a leather hood.  In addition, he is locked inside of a concrete isolation cell.  Escape is impossible.  Why is he being restrained so securely?  
Streaming Video  20 minutes

Jail Chained
Description: This video has two hot men, Billy Bolton, and Micky Mackenzie who get into a lot of chain.. Micky goes into Billy's cell and then puts him into an extreme bondage with chain and ridged metal restraints.  If you like metal bondage, this has it.
Streaming video  13 minutes  

Seven Sleepsack Predicaments
Description: This video shows serveral different scenes of guys in sleepsacks. Being in a sleepsack is an inescapable experience.  For we who enjoy it can find it both relaxing and exciting as well depending on how tight it is and other factors.  This video has no sexual content and is not rated.  If I were rating it I would give it a PG-13.
Streaming Video:  10 minutes

Taped to the Cell Door
Description: This video of a full duct tape mummification and attatchement to an old jail door is a particularly arty work.  It is mostly shot in black and white with no sound except the musical score.  The whole video has a strange and erie feeling about it.  I hope you will enjoy this bondage work of performance art. It is not rated and has no sexual content or adult language or violence. Just cool bondage.
Streaming Video:  13 minutes

100 Percent Suspended
Description: There are several different scenes in this video showing bondage where it is it impossible to escape, but it is also impossible to get down to the floor.  Each scene has the volunteer up in the air in suspension of some form. This video is not rated, but if I were giving it one I would give it a PG-13.  There is no sexual content. 
Streaming Video:  16 minutes

Men on a Stick
Description: Two men volunteer to be mummified on a wooden board, one facing up, the other facing down. They didn't check out the credentials of the guy wo is duct taping them very well and it gets them into trouble.  This video has an awesome duct tape job.  
Streaming Video  15 minutes

Description: This video is introduced by slave bind.  He demonstrates some very severe and dark role playing dealing with mental illness.  He is heavily strapped down and in this video you might be convinced that bind has become psychotic.  It is all role playing where he has reached deep into his emotions for the role play.  This video is not rated but if I were rating it I would give it an "R" because of its intensity.
Streaming Video:  15 minutes    

Hogtied by the Man in Harness Boots
Description: A strange man wearing harness boots from the 1970's era puts Mr. Bind into a hog tie using humane restraints, chain, and a muzzle.  He rips off Bind's shirt and uses it on him as a blindfold.  Then he proceeds to rough him up by shoving him around and walking on him. This video is not rated, but I would give it an "R" because of the creepy bondage situation.  It contains no sexual content and no adult language.
Streaming Video:  15 minutes

For Your Own Protection
Description: A man struggles against the humane restraints that he is straped down with.  This is a great video for those of you who enjoy mental hospital themed bondage play.  This video is not rated, but if I were rating it I would give it a PG-13.
Streaming Video:  21 minutes

Self Bondage in Chain
Description: Bind goes into a cell with some chain shackles to do some self bondage while he is alone. He is careful to remember the key to have it within reach. He puts himself into several very good spread eagle positions and then changes it to another position, but forgets to move the key to be within reach the last time. A self bondage becomes a forced bondage suddenly and there is no possibility of escape.
Streaming Video:  28 minutes

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