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BG East RR07 Kayden Keller vs Ty Alexander

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DescriptionWhen Ty Alexander showed up for a tryout with us, he was cute as the proverbial button and earnest as hell. His path to becoming a professional wrestler has been a journey of liberation and empowerment. After getting sand kicked in his face as a kid, Ty long ago decided that the best way to answer a bully is with a drop kick to the chin and a crotch-smothering schoolboy pin. He came to us with plenty of private wrestling experience under his belt, but all of that was nothing more than padding his resume for the job he's dreamed of, longed for, and aspired to for years: joining the stable of BG East wrestlers. The bright-eyed rookie barely slept a wink the night before his debut. He picked out his lucky pink trunks days earlier. He arrived at the ring determined to do absolutely anything to command the respect of his opponent and earn some love from BG East wrestling fans.

Kayden Keller, on the other hand, traveled quite a different journey to make his Raunchy Rookie debut. Kayden was always the one kicking the sand. Doing "anything it takes to command respect" has been his motto all along. His other motto is "rules are for rubes." The bearded bad boy has made an art form out of uninhibited low blows and questionable, even nefarious conduct. He washed out of an indy pro training program after some "unsportsmanlike" behavior and unapologetically laughing about it and blaming the victim!

In other words, Kayden Keller is just our kind of guy! To prepare for his BG East debut, he sat down with a bucket of popcorn and picked up pointers and made copious notes while watching every Kid Leopard match available on DVD. So it isn't surprising that The Boss took quite a shine to the lean, mean newbie with nerves of steel and absolutely no qualms about letting things get way out of hand. (And knowing the rigors of 'training' with The Boss, Kayden must also be very absorbent as well! It takes a heel to train a heel!)

"I'm not impressed," Kayden states bluntly, arriving to find pretty-in-pink Ty stretching in the ring. Nose to nose they stare one another down, successfully generating sweet, sexy tension from the start. Kayden is about 4 inches taller, but they're closely matched in weight and experience. The first on-camera lock up for both of these eager boys demonstrates Kayden's reach advantage. He slowly muscles his struggling opponent backward into a corner. Ty holds up his hands, calling for a clean break, but Kayden takes his time, giving his opponent's torso an appreciative stroke. Followed by a ball claw. Followed by a sharp, echoing slap across the face to get Ty's (and your) attention!

If you think you know where these rookies are heading, think again. Ty may be pretty in pink, and Kayden unquestionably looks like he's about to devour his opponent whole. But that's the thing about rookies. You don't know what to expect. Kayden clearly doesn't expect his pretty, pink-clad opponent to suddenly take command, landing a sick jab to Kaden's jewels and nearly beheading him with a clothesline. The bearded bad boy is obviously shocked to find himself repeatedly scooped up in his opponent's arms, suspended in mid-air for ages, and then slammed to his back with absolute authority. Like we said, Ty has learned a thing or two about how to handle a bully!

One thing that you can generally count on with rookies is their eagerness to impress. In the opening moments of this double debut, Ty pieces together a shockingly devastating offense guaranteed to impress BG fans as certainly as it knocks bearded bad boy Kayden on his hot ass. The deceptively baby-faced boy in pink seizes the initiative with both hands, that is one hand pounding away at Kayden's gut and the other locked like a vice on his balls. Repeated scoop slams put Kayden and BG East on notice: don't take Ty for granted!

Ty isn't the only hot, young talent harboring surprising skills. Bringing aggressive hunks to their knees is right in Kayden Keller's wheelhouse. A carefully placed knee to the gut pounds the air out of Ty's lungs, and the pretty-in-pink fighter watches with shock as his early momentum evaporates. Once in control, Kayden is devastatingly relentless. Corner abuse, trunk pulling, and an endless series of vicious crotch-claw suplexes batter the rookie stud mercilessly. With his big black boot bearing down on Ty's balls. "That's where you want to be, isn't it? Right where you belong!" Kayden smirks. "Screw you!" Ty valiantly defies the rookie heel. "I think you've got that backwards," Kayden growls ominously.

These two newbies do not know when to stop, not that any of us would want them to! The action is astonishingly high impact, with both bodies battered and bruised within minutes. Perhaps not yet fully recognizing their own limits, one overeager wrestler actually knocks the other out cold. But what's a rookie to do, when he's eager to impress you the wrestling fan, but his opponent is already down for the count? Why, slap him awake, and make the stunned loser worship your hot, young body! Talk about hot!

The rookies abrupt transition from physical combat to sexual domination maintains passionate intensity. Trunks are ripped off. Eager young cocks are stroked hard. "This is what you wanted all along, isn't it?" the rookie on the rise taunts as he force-feeds his opponent his beautiful, rookie cock. They devour one another voraciously, mouths and hands almost desperately possessing every inch, as both beautiful boys give over entirely to passionate lust born of raw, uninhibited wrestling chemistry.

Kayden and Ty go where few rookies have either the skill or the self-confidence to go. Overwhelmed with passion, every passing second stokes the furnace burning inside each of these new stars, until they climax into twin first-on-camera cum shots by these two astonishingly uninhibited rookies. They may be new around here, but these young prodigies demonstrate an innate understanding of what drives BG East wrestlers and fans wild.
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